The success of Horizon: Zero Dawn as one of the greatest titles on the PS4 seems to be a really good reason for Guerrilla Games to make a sequel to this game - but for a long time, the company has shared nothing about their plans for a sequel. However, according to recent job listings for the studio, Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 might be in development.

The reason for this assumption is based on 15 new job listings that Guerilla posted on their website - as they are looking for a lot of roles within the company, including art, programming, and animations. It seems that they are lacking human resources for making a new game, and some of the job descriptions even point out the possibility of making Horizon: Zero Dawn sequel.

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A mechanic monster from the game

Considering that all the DLC contents for this game are now out, the only explanation remain is that Guerrilla Games is making a sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn. Combines with the fact that earlier this year, actress Janina Gavankar, who played a character in The Frozen Wilds DLC, mentioned to a fan while live on stream that the sequel was real.

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And if the sequel for Horizon is being made, then it definitely belongs to Sony's PS5 video games lineup, as the console is going to be released in next year's holiday season. If we are even luckier, then we might be able to hear about an announcement during Sony's PlayStation 5 event during 2020's E3 event.