Having fun watching videos about the "The Floor is Lava" trend on Facebook and Instagram is a common thing now. But how about enjoying it in a video game? That vision is not far from us anymore, as Klei Entertainment is releasing their parkour platformer - Hot Lava!

Here's the gameplay trailer of the game that came out more than 3 year ago, which you can give a look at:

Avoid the floor

In 2016, the developer Klei Entertainment has announced their self-published game - Hot Lava. It's a parkour game that brings back our thrilling nostalgic imaginations at our young ages, and it looked great. However, I feel that the game has stayed in the beta state for too long, to the point that people might have forgotten it.

Hot Lava Launch September 19 2
Hot Lava was revealed 3 years ago

Fortunately, after over three years, the developer is finally releasing this game. In order to celebrate this announcement and remind gamers about what's the beauty of this game, Klei Entertainment has released another trailer. It doesn't have any gameplay footages in it, and it's merely about the animation series on the good-old 4:3 ratio.

If you've plenty of time to spend, feel free to have a look:

About Hot Lava gameplay

Set that aside, let's talk about Hot Lava's gameplay. In this game, you'll have to run, swing, climb and hop around the map from the first-person perspective. Apart from pre-planning your route, the game focus merely on your reflexes and performance. The only thing you need to keep in mind is "don't hit the floor at all cost!"

Hot Lava Launch September 19 1
Hop, skip and jump through the lava-filled maps to complete various objectives

Furthermore, parkour fun is even better with your friends. You can either choose to challenge yourself alone or invite your friends to get through the lava-filled maps. The multiplayer mechanics are tag-based, in which one friend will hop in if you hit the floor and failed.

Hot Lava Launch September 19 5
You can have fun with your friends

The maps are very diverse as there are many paths for you to choose from. Hence, choosing the quickest route is vital to start climbing on the friend leaderboard. Additionally, you can create your own map in this game with a level-making kit for Unity. You can share your work on Steam Workshop so that online players can get in and challenge themselves.

Hot Lava Launch September 19 3
Create more maps with many tasks through a kit for Unity

Release date

Hot Lava is releasing this year through an Apple Arcade. This means iOS, Mac and Apple TV users will have chances to try this game.

Hot Lava Launch September 19 4
Hot Lava is coming for PC in three days!

Alongside that, Hot Lava is also coming for PC as well. The official release date is September 19, 2019 - only three days away from us.