Hot Shot Burn, a fun violent shooter arena, is coming to Steam by Artifex Mundi publisher. The game mixes the play style of old 2D shooter games with various heroes that has their own unique skill. With up to 4 players per match, you can play this game offline or online. Each map will be completely different with traps and devices that help you defile the law of physics and win the game.

There are 6 characters in the game for you to choose from, Mia a mercenary, Luna, a deadly moth assassin or Umad, a clueless fluffy alien, to name a few. Each one has a different playstyle so make sure you try all of them to find your favorite one. For example, Umad can turn itself invulnerable for a few seconds while Mia has a rapid-fire gun and the ability to dash.

Heroes 616
There is a total of 6 characters

Certain maps will have certain effects that can advantage a character over the others. You need to make use of elements like exploding barrels, conveyor belts, and tall grass and change your strategy accordingly to the situation to win. For instance, places with narrow walls will benefit Umad bouncing bullet, while open spaces will put him in disadvantage because of his low range gun.

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Each map will have different features

Players can earn points after each match for killing other players or surviving the longest. If a player reaches 50 points, they will only have to win one more match to win the entire game.

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Take advantage of the map and win the game

But remember these fights are not only about win or lose, but they are also live shows in front of a live studio audience and a commentator. Make sure to give them a show and give yourself a good time out there.

Hot Shot Burn will come to Steam on August 15 for PC.