Griefers have always been a part of any online multiplayer game, and GTA Online is not an exception. They would randomly attack you and either try to kill or steal your money, which further hinders your progress. While griefers are definitely annoying, you can consider them a part of the challenge that you need to surpass.

GTA Online
GTA Online is filled with annoying players.

In this article, we would list out the various methods that you can use to deal with the griefers in GTA Online.

1 - Get powerful/annoying weapons

These annoying enemies usually just sit on their flying vehicles and zip around harassing you... while avoiding your shots in the progress. This is why you need to get creative - try to get your hand on either the Up-n-Atomizer or the Heavy Sniper MKII.

Heavy Sniper MKII
Heavy Sniper MKII in GTA Online

The former would release a shockwave that flips the target's vehicle and force them out so that they can be dealt with using normal gunfire. The latter deals so much damage you can destroy the vehicles of those griefers in GTA Online in just one or two accurate shots.

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Up-n-Atomizer in GTA Online

2 - Get secure/mobile vehicles

To deal with enemies' annoying raids, you can either buff yourself up or move around faster. If tanking is your choice, you can get a heavily armored semi-truck like the Terrorbyte or the MOC to shrug off enemies' attacks with their sheer durability.

However, if you want to dodge the attackers or go after them, getting the Pegassi Toreador or the Oppressor MK2 might be a better idea. The Toreador can go underwater to avoid other vehicles while shooting out unlimited missiles... while the MK2 can just do dogfights and counter-grief the enemy.

3 - Activate Passive mode

The reason enemies are grieving you is to get a reaction. It is considered a success if you die or get mad and begin to fight them... and Passive mode would let you deal with that. The player with Passive mode active cannot kill or be killed.

After activation, you can just do whatever you are doing or just stand still and wait for the griefer to lose interest. There are a few actions that are restricted for passive mode players.

Above are 3 effective ways of how to deal with annoying griefers in GTA Online. If you're interested in more of our articles related to the GTA Series, please check out this post for the Top 6 Most Powerful Guns In GTA 5 And GTA Online.