Smithing Template is a super cool part of the Minecraft 1.20 update, and it is making the game way more awesome. Whether you're trying to get fancy Netherite stuff or just want to look super stylish, these templates are a big deal. But what is Smithing Template in Minecraft, and how to make a Smithing Template in Minecraft? Let's dive in and learn!

About Smithing Template in Minecraft

Just like its name suggests, a Smithing Template is a handy tool you use with the Smithing Table in Minecraft. It helps you tweak your armor and boost all your gear.

Smithing Template Minecraft
Smithing Template in Minecraft

Right now, there are two kinds of Smithing Templates:

  1. Upgrade: This template lets you transform your diamond tools, weapons, and armor into super tough Netherite stuff.
  2. Armor Trim: With this template, you can decorate your armor by adding cool designs in 10 different colors.

Smithing Template Locations

Every Smithing Template appears in a special structure in Minecraft, no matter if you're in the Overworld, Nether, or the End. Check out the table below to learn where to discover each type of Smithing Template:

Smithing Template Smithing Template Location
Netherite Upgrade Bastion Remnant
Sentry Armor Trim Pillager Outpost
Dune Armor Trim Desert Pyramid
Coast Armor Trim Shipwreck
Wild Armor Trim Jungle Temple
Tide Armor Trim Ocean Monument
Ward Armor Trim Ancient City
Vex Armor Trim Woodland Mansion
Rib Armor Trim Nether Fortress
Snout Armor Trim Bastion Remnant
Eye Armor Trim Stronghold
Spire Armor Trim End City
Silence Armor Trim Ancient City
Wayfinder Armor Trim Trail Ruins
Raiser Armor Trim Trail Ruins
Shaper Armor Trim Trail Ruins
Host Armor Trim Trail Ruins

If you're curious about each of these spots and what each template can do, we've got a detailed guide that covers all the locations of Armor Trims in Minecraft. It's definitely worth giving it a look!

How to Make a Smithing Template in Minecraft

To make a Smithing Template in Minecraft, you'll need these items:

  • 1 Smithing Template (the one you want to duplicate)
  • 7 Diamonds
  • Crafting Table
  • 1 Building Block (matches the template type)

Each Smithing Template needs a specific solid block to finish the crafting recipe. You can refer to the table below to find the appropriate solid block for each template:

Smithing Template Key Ingredient
Netherite Upgrade Netherrack
Sentry Armor Trim Cobblestone
Dune Armor Trim Sandstone
Coast Armor Trim Cobblestone
Wild Armor Trim Mossy Cobblestone
Tide Armor Trim Prismarine
Ward Armor Trim Cobbled Deepslate
Vex Armor Trim Cobblestone
Rib Armor Trim Netherrack
Snout Armor Trim Blackstone
Eye Armor Trim End Stone
Spire Armor Trim Purpur Block
Silence Armor Trim Cobbled Deepslate
Wayfinder Armor Trim Terracotta (Regular)
Raiser Armor Trim Terracotta (Regular)
Shaper Armor Trim Terracotta (Regular)
Host Armor Trim Terracotta (Regular)

Here are the steps to make a Smithing Template in Minecraft:

1. Begin by setting up your crafting table on a stable surface, and then right-click or use the secondary action key to open it.

How To Make A Smithing Template In Minecraft

2. Next, put the Smithing Template in the central cell of the top row in the crafting grid.

How To Make A Smithing Template In Minecraft 1

3. Afterward, place the building block that matches the template directly beneath it.

How To Make A Smithing Template In Minecraft 2

4. Finally, fill all the remaining cells in the crafting grid with diamonds. When you're finished, you'll have 2 Smithing Templates in Minecraft.

How To Make A Smithing Template In Minecraft 3

How to Use Smithing Templates in Minecraft

There are two primary ways to use the two types of Smithing Templates in Minecraft:

How To Use A Smithing Template In Minecraft

  1. Netherite Upgrade: You can utilize the Netherite Upgrade Smithing Template by combining it with a piece of diamond gear and a Netherite ingot in the Smithing Table.
  2. Armor Customization: To personalize your armor, you can use the Armor Trim Smithing Templates along with a piece of your armor and a colored material. This procedure can be a little complex, so we hope this video can help:

Now that you know how to create copies of Smithing Templates in Minecraft, make sure you're well-informed about the distribution of ores in the game, especially diamonds, to easily gather the needed resources. Also, consider setting up a villager trading hall as an alternative way to acquire diamond gear.

With all that said, we'd love to hear from you! Which Smithing Template in Minecraft is your favorite? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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