There are five difficulty levels in Minecraft: Peaceful, Easy, Normal, Hard and Hardcore. However, if Hardcore is still too easy and you want an even bigger challenge, Ultra Hardcore is the way to go. This mode is nearly identical to Hardcore, but on top of that, players can't regenerate health naturally.

All of the usual Hardcore rules still apply - mobs deal high damage and deaths are permanent. The difficulty of this mode is extreme and players are advised to try hardcore mode first to gain experience.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to play Minecraft Ultra Hardcore mode 1.19.

Minecraft Ultra Hardcore is the biggest challenge you can try out in Vanilla Minecraft.

How to create an Ultra Hardcore (UHC) world

To play on Ultra Hardcore, you must first create a Hardcore world. Afterward, do one of the following actions to turn Hardcore into UHC:

  • Method 1: Create new world in Java Edition 1.16 or above, and set gamemode to Hardcore. Next, click game rules, and select natural regeneration to make it false. Once you have done that, click create world.
  • Method 1: Once the world has finished generating, open the pause menu, click the open to LAN option, and turn on the allow Cheats option, before clicking the "Start LAN World" button. Once this is done, exit the menu and enter the following command into the chatbox: /gamerule naturalRegeneration false.

Tips for survival in UHC world

Always carry extra food

When playing Minecraft Ultra Hardcore, it is important that you carry surplus food, particularly best food items in Minecraft, in case you get lost far from home. Remember that hunger can kill you and try to keep your hunger meter full at all times.

Eating in the middle of combat can be hard to do but regenerating health might save your life. Therefore, constantly eating is the best choice. Do not jump too much or take unnecessary damage, as it reduces your hunger bar.

Always bring a lot of food during your travel in Minecraft Hardcore mode.

Avoid taking damage

There is no natural health regeneration, therefore, players need to avoid getting damaged at all costs.

Lava Aquifer
Falling into lava is a common death in UHC.

Sometimes there are risks you must take, however, most of the time it is not worth the chance of death in ultra hardcore. For example, instead of throwing an ender pearl to cross a lava ocean, it is best to build a bridge to cross the gap. While it is slow, falling into the lava and getting back is even slower and can lead to your death.

Death to lava is pretty common in Minecraft hardcore, especially when exploring the Nether. Therefore, bringing a fire resistance potion is pretty much a requirement. By using this potion, players will become completely immune to fire and lava damage. Keep a water bucket on your hotbar at all times. Falling and fire damage can be reduced by using a water bucket.

Nether Fortress On Lava
The Nether is filled to the brim with lava

Regeneration effect is very useful

Find ingredients to make a golden apple, a potion of Healing, suspicious stew with regeneration, or a Potion of Regeneration as quickly as possible. While food is a good way to do this, their regeneration is just not enough sometimes, especially if you are fighting all the time.

Enchanted Golden Apples
Enchanted Golden Apples can be found in the most dangerous locations.

It is best to have a few regeneration potions to bolster your HP, which stacks on top of the food bonus. Regeneration potions are a bit harder to craft - players need to get ghast tears for it.

Ultra Hardcore Nether Survival

Wear at least one gold armor piece, so piglins are not hostile to you.

Piglins in Minecraft are obsessed with gold

On your first visit, it is vital to find a fortress and gather at least two blaze rods and a piece of nether wart (and maybe some soul sand or soul soil to farm it on). This will open up brewing, making future trips much easier with the help of Fire Resist/Health potions.

While fire damage can be deadly, you can extinguish yourself by jumping into a cauldron filled with water. Therefore, be sure to take a cauldron and a couple buckets of water with you.

Be watchful for sharp drops, and never dig down. Many floors are only one block thick, with the sea of lava directly underneath.

Ultra Hardcore End Survival

Enchant your sword, bow, and armor (all preferably diamond/netherite). Armor is especially important - go for Protection IV.

Netherite Ingots Ancient Debris Minecraft
There are a lot of steps to upgrade your gears to netherite tier.

Always use arrows or other projectiles to destroy end crystals, rather than melee weapons.

Keep an ender pearl on your hotbar while entering the End so that you can teleport when knocked into the void.

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