Being an outstanding open-world game with a massive map, GTA Online has endless features for players to explore. It’s easy to understand if you’re getting confused about how to use or enable some features in the game. Being included in the new Adversary Mode of the game, Motor Wars has taken the gaming community by storm ever since. Check out everything you need to know about this feature as well as how to start Motor Wars in GTA Online.

Gta 5 Online Motor Wars
Motor Wars in GTA Online is said to be the 'battle royale' mode of the game which many players get excited about

As of getting started with GTA Online, you will want to check out the Adversary Modes of the game. What makes this mode popular among GTA players is that it includes some really intense PvP actions to try out and Motor Wars is no doubt the most hilarious yet dangerous one you cannot miss.

Motor Wars in GTA Online Rules

According to Rockstar, Motor Wars in GTA Online is the blend of “adrenaline rush of Drop Zone” and the “claustrophobic tension of a match of Penned In”. The mode sees two to fours team combating and dealing damages until the winner is declared.

The game takes place in the wasteland where many armed vehicles can be found and used for battles. Players will find themselves on their foot and have to rush into seeking the most powerful vehicle to get ready for the fight.

Gta Online Motor Ua

The most challenging and compelling part of the mode is that the fight zone will get smaller and smaller every time. Any player who kicked out of the zone will have one minute to get back before being killed.

In case both of the last two teams have at least one member alive at the end of the match, “sudden death” will be started and the first one who gets out of the shrinking arena will be killed immediately.

How to start Motor Wars in GTA Online

It's quite easy for players to take part in the battle zone of Motor Wars in GTA Online. Here are two main ways to get it started:

Go to Jobs / Play Job / Adversary Mode / Motor Wars


Open the Pause Menu / Online / Jobs / Rockstar Created / Adversary Modes / Motor Wars

After following all the steps, you will be sent to the lobby and might have to wait for a while for the matchmaking. Other players will be selected randomly. Otherwise, you can also invite your friends to be your crewmate to fasten the process.

Apart from being a fun and competitive multiplayer job, the rewards you earn for being the winner in Motor Wars is also so attractive. Open GTA Online and check out the Job right now!

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