Comparing something to being "hard as a diamond" is a common saying, but Minecraft introduces something even tougher: Netherite. Opting for Netherite ensures maximum safety. While it's challenging to obtain, the benefits outweigh the effort. When equipped with Netherite armor, you become nearly impervious to harm. And if you have Netherite weapons and tools, you can defeat enemies and finish tasks quickly. Here's how to update diamond armor to Netherite in Minecraft.

What is Netherite in Minecraft?

Netherite is a special material found in the Nether. It's mainly used to upgrade diamond gear. Items made of Netherite are stronger and last longer than those made of diamond. Even when dropped, they're resistant to fire or lava. Netherite blocks can't be destroyed by the biggest explosions in regular gameplay, except for blue wither skulls.

Netherite In Minecraft
Netherite is a special material found in the Nether.

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Where To Find a Netherite Template in Minecraft

Because Netherite armor offers superior protection compared to enchanted diamond armor, it's crucial to obtain it as soon as possible. However, the Netherite Template required for your upgrades is only found in chests within Bastion Remnants. These ruins are exclusively located in the Nether, making it your initial destination.

How To Find Netherite In Minecraft
The Netherite Template required for your upgrades is only found in chests within Bastion Remnants.

The good news is, Bastion Remnants can be found in nearly every biome in the Nether. There's no specific method to locate them, but if you stumble upon a Nether Fortress. You'll have to look elsewhere, as Bastion Remnants never spawn in the same spot. Once you've discovered a Netherite Template in a chest, here's how you can craft more:

  1. Find a Netherrack block and gather 7 Diamonds.
  2. Place the Netherrack in the center crafting slot.
  3. Put the Netherite Template above the Netherrack.
  4. Fill the remaining slots with Diamonds.

This process will result in the creation of 2 Netherite Templates.

The most reliable method for acquiring a Netherite Template is by exploring the Treasure Room within the Bastion Remnants. Inside, you'll discover a chest encircled by gold blocks and lava. There's a guaranteed chance of finding a Netherite Template in this chest.

How To Upgrade Diamond Armor To Netherite

Now that you're prepared to start smithing, you'll require a Smithing Table. Additionally, you'll need a Netherite Ingot to enhance your equipment. Here are all the ingredients you'll need to place in the Smithing Table's slots:

How To Upgrade Diamond Armor To Netherite

  • Netherite Template x1
  • Diamond armor, weapon, or tool x1
  • Netherite Ingot x1

Similar to other Smithing Templates, using a Netherite Template in Minecraft consumes it. To fully upgrade, you'll need from 8 to 9 Netherite Templates, which often means multiple trips into the Nether to find Bastion Remnants if you don’t use diamonds to duplicate the first one you find. It's wise to duplicate your last Template instead of using it, as the payoff is significant. Your shiny new end-game armor will render the Piglins and Piglin Brutes you'll encounter there less threatening.

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