In the party of the elites, commenting on the taste of wine is always a thing that everyone should prepare for. And while many of you might have known about the characteristics of many kinds of wine, it's very likely that you haven't visited a winery before.

And if you thought the process of making wine is simple, Hundred Days will make you think again. It will put you into the shoes of an owner of a winery, and you'll experience yourself the whole wine manufacturing and marketing progress by yourself!

Below is the announcement trailer of the game which will give you a glimpse of how complicated it was, but believe me, Hundred Days has many more features than that!

Overview of Hundred Days

The title of this game doesn't imply that you'll need a hundred days to receive the final wine product that you've fermented. In fact, you'll have to go through many processes before reaching your results, and it might take you years or even decades in real life. Instead, Hundred Days will give you a thorough look at those complex progress.

To be more specific, it's a winemaking simulation, in which you're the owner of a winery, and will have to take care of everything to make the best wine bottles. And when I said everything, I mean literally everything. The developer has visited several vineyards to prepare for this game, so you can take this as a reference that will stay true with real-life practices.

Hundred Days Gives You A Detailed Look On How To M
The developer has made a lot of research to make this game as realistic as possible

First of all, you'll have to plan on the wine you're deciding to grow. Each kind of wine needs different yeasts, and you can't trust any suppliers for your yeasts. You'll have to raise crops yourself in the vineyard, taking good care of it, and then wait for the time to harvest.

The fascinating thing about this progress is that Hundred Days feature seasons, which you must pay attention about to raise the matching crops. It will not only give you a good heap of knowledge on the characteristics of the crops but also how complicated the growing progress is.

Hundred Days Gives You A Detailed Look On How To M
Looking for the suitable season to plant the crops, and protect them from possible diseases

After the preparation is complete, you'll get to a mini-menu showcasing the fermenting process. Which kind of bacteria you want, how much pressure is enough, and how long you'll have to wait - all of which you be presented on this menu. And as all those jobs cannot be done in a day, it will give you a schedule on how you should arrange your plan.

Hundred Days Gives You A Detailed Look On How To M
The fermentation progress is very important

You will decide how to sell your product!

Wine doesn't sell itself, and no one else but you are responsible for this task. You'll have to prime your product, deciding the shape, color and other things about the labeling of the bottles you want to keep your wine in. Then you'll have to care about the selling: the pricing, where to sell and the amount of wine that you should pump into those markets.

Hundred Days Gives You A Detailed Look On How To M
The classic type of bottle may not be appealing enough

And if you've learned something about marketing or PR, you'd probably notice that you need some social activities to spread the name of your company to the public. The better your wine's quality is, the more reputation you'll gain through the progress, allowing you to sell your products at higher prices. In the end, your goal is to make the most revenue out of your winery!

Hundred Days Gives You A Detailed Look On How To M
Earn as much money as possible with your winery

Maybe after playing Hundred Days, you might find winemaking the best adventure that you've ever experienced! The game doesn't have a release date yet, but it will be available for PC "Soon" - as the developer and publisher Broken Arms Games promised.