Not long ago, we've announced you that 3D Realms - the developer of Ion Maiden - is going to release a very important message on July 11. That's yesterday, and finally, we've known what is the fate of the game.

Ion Maiden is now Ion Fury! Even though the lawsuit has cost its name and its logo, the game still managed to come out on Steam!

In order to celebrate this event, the developer has also brought us a release trailer, which you can watch below:

The words from 3D Realms about Ion Maiden 's name change

If you follow the bumpy road of Ion Maiden, you must have known about the lawsuit filed by a heavy metal band. The band's name is Iron Maiden, and it's not happy about the name of 3D Realm's game as well as the main character Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison.

Later, they've sued 3D Realms for its trademark infringement, causing Ion Maiden to struggle to come out. Furthermore, they've also demand 3D Realms to pay them a compensation of 2 million dollars!

Ion Maiden May Still Comes Out Really Soon Despite
Ion Maiden Getting Sued By Iron Maiden

That's why we would have to wait until today to get the official release date of Ion Maiden. Oh, I should call it Ion Fury now!

The developer doesn't want to get into any more trouble with this title. As a result, they decided to change the name's game from 'Ion Maiden' to 'Ion Fury'. Apart from that, they also change the logo of the game to make it different from anything related to the metal band.

Ion Maiden Renamed Into Ion Fury Coming Out This A
The original logo and the new logo of Iron Fury

Explaining its decision, Mike Nielsen, the head of 3D Realms, has stated that it's very wrong to let the fans down if they cancel the game, so they've wrapped up the lawsuit as fast as possible. He also stated that the best parts of the game are not the name or the logo, but the fascinating experience we can get from it.

About Ion Maiden

We've provided you with an introduction on the Ion Fury's story and gameplay, so be sure to check it if you're curious!

Basically, it's a story in a fictional city, where you'll take control of Shelly Harrison. She has gained her name of "Bombshell" for her special talents in making and defusing bombs. And when the city is under the threat of the mad transhumanist Dr. Jadus Heskel, Shelly is going explosive!

Ion Maiden May Still Comes Out Really Soon Despite
Shelly is going explosive in Ion Fury!

The game is the great successor of 3D Realm's previous title Nuke Duke Nukem 3D. Additionally, this retro shooter has many modern features as well: auto-saving, widescreen support new physics that match today's standards.

When will Ion Fury come out?

After a lot of struggle, Ion Fury is finally reaching our hands. 3D Realms has officially confirmed that its full version will officially come out to PC through Steam on August 15.

It price tags is currently $19.99 on Steam now. But you'd better be quick, because that reduced price will be raised to normal on July 18. At that time, it will become $24.99, so don't hesitate and get the game right now to save your precious five bucks.

Ion Maiden Renamed Into Ion Fury Coming Out This A
Get the game now to get a discount

Alongside the digital release, 3D Realms also give us a special physical edition as well. It's called the Ion Fury Big Box Edition, and it includes the full DRM-free version of the game held in an edgy Bowling Bomb USB. It also contains an A3 poster, a real GDF keycard that appears in the game, a set of Bowling Bomb sticker and a 60-page booklet.

The physical comes with the price of $59.99, and unfortunately, no discount for you with this.