The developer of Ion Maiden - 3D Realms has stated on its Twitter about the future of its long-developing title. And while the gaming world concerns about Ion Maiden after the hilarious lawsuit, the announcement was even more attracting.

And before you read further, here's the trailer for you that shows how Ion Maiden will look if somehow it comes out:

Summary about the lawsuit

Last month, we have announced you about the lawsuit filed by Iron Maiden. The heavy metal band compiled it in order to sued 3D Realms - the developer behind the retro shooter Ion Maiden for brand infringement.

Yes, it's very clear that the name of the band and the game is quite identical. However, it's not only for the name that Iron Maiden sued Ion Maiden. According to the managing company of Iron Maiden, Ion Maiden has not only "blatantly" violate the band's name, but the main heroine in Ion Maiden - Shelly Harrison is also a clone Steve Harris - the band's original member.

Ion Maiden May Still Comes Out Really Soon Despite
Ion Maiden Getting Sued By Iron Maiden

There're even more things that Iron Maiden accused 3D Realms of infringing, including their logo, their mascot, etc. You can find the full list in its official announcement. In total, the company requires 3D Realms to pay them a 2-million-dollar compensation.

We still don't know how his lawsuit has developed into. Regardless, the developer has promised to keep working hards on the game, to deliver the best experience to gamers.

However, a lawsuit is not a small problem. It has decently obstructed 3D Realm's clan, and many people are predicting that Ion Maiden might not get its initial release.

Ion Maiden May Still Comes Out Really Soon Despite
The sue has heavily influenced 3D Realms And Ion Maiden

So, speaking about the future of Ion Maiden, 3D Realms has confirmed that there will be a very important announcement coming on July 11. To further stress on this importance, it also stated that you will not want to miss this update!

What would this announcement be?

It's still remaining unclear what this announcement will mention. However, these are the three most possible things on Ion Maiden's future:

The first one is the announcement will be the game's official launch. The game has been under development for a long time and even gave out early access last year. Especially, with the VP of 3D Realm's reveal in late June that the game is almost done, it's not totally impossible for them to bring this game out this Thursday.

The second one is that the developers will give us the official release date of the game. This is the most likely to happen because no one wants to directly deliver their new products without a little branding and marketing. If this announcement is on the release date, it might contain a trailer with some more specific details on the gameplay.

Ion Maiden May Still Comes Out Really Soon Despite
Expecting a gameplay trailer coming out on Thursday

The last one - and also the one that we're afraid of: the game is never going to release at all. If the $2 million compensation is over the reach of 3D Realms, and they couldn't find a way to settle the lawsuit, then Ion Maiden is very likely to fade into the void.

That's our guess on the upcoming announcement. And while it's just the predictions, we would still have to wait to prove it!

About Ion Maiden

Ion Maiden is a retro first-person shooter from 3D Realm - the creator behind Duke Nukem 3D, Prey, and Max Payne. 

Ion Maiden May Still Comes Out Really Soon Despite
It's the developer behind Max Payne.

It tells the story of Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison - the girl that is an expert in defusing bombs. However, as the "evil transhumanist mastermind Dr. Jadus Heskel" release his product out to the streets, she knows its time to let the explosion be.

Ion Maiden May Still Comes Out Really Soon Despite
She is the bomb master that can either defuse bombs or detonate them

In the game, you can control a wide range of guns. From the trailer, we can see from the trailer the pistols, the shotguns, some ARs and even a machine gun. Apart from the guns collection, Harrison also has the abilities to toss out grenades to explode the enemies and the surrounding environment.

It's promised to bring our nostalgic feelings of the 90s' FPS. Hopefully, the developer can manage to get the game out!