Space Dance is a shooter game inspired by the old-styled twin-stick arcade titles. If you're looking for a simple and fast-paced game that you can play while having a lunch break or having nothing to do with your computer, this game is made for you.

Space Dance1
An old-school twin-stick arcade shooter.

The gameplay is pretty simple. As waves of enemies show up, your mission is clearly to destroy them all. But all this will happen with background music. Your enemies will spawn to the beat of the music, and your spaceship will have to "dance" with them.

Space Dance2
By the beat of the music, you will "dance" with your enemies.

Sounds interesting, right? Basically, Space Dance is a music game, so the control settings are easy to approach. With only four movement keys, which are the basic "WASD", all you need to do is listen to the beat and shoot at your opponents. You can also hold Space to enter slow-motion mode, and press Enter to access confirm menu.

Space Dance is kinda a game that is easy to play but hard to master. Especially for the players who always want to get the highest achievement, you will have to practice a lot. Fortunately, the developer "hajo" added a new link-gun mechanic to this upcoming release: the more enemies you keep alive on the screen, the more rewards you will get. In other words, that feature offers an option for players to get more score by sparing enemies' life. But be careful, you will have to play at the most difficult level if you want a high score.

Space Dance3
It's simple but hard to beat.

It seems each round of Space Dance will take only 2-3 minutes, equal to the length of a full song. Of course, that's only true for players who are able to handle the game, at least in the basic difficulty.

Developer "hajo" once released Space Dance on mobile platforms back in 2016. However, recently, they've announced that Space Dance will hit the Steam store with an Early Access version on July 10, 2019. The full version will make its way to the store later in early 2020.