Area 35 has announced that they would release Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble for Nintendo Switch on July 11. Along with that, it has just made another announcement about the PC version of the game on Steam.

Area 35 first introduced its Tiny Metal series in 2017. The series is available on PC, Switch, and PS4. Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble is the latest chapter in this series. This new sequel brings up a whole new narrative along with updated gameplay. These are the features that make fans fall in love with the Tiny Metal series.

Tiny Metal Full Metal Rumble 800x445
Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble will be available on both Switch and PC

There are 77 skirmish maps in this game. Out of those, 21 are available for multiplayer modes. Furthermore, Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble also features a greatly expanded army field that comes with over 23 brand new types of unit.

Last but not least, this latest sequel of the Tiny Metal series will let players experience a total of 39 campaign missions throughout the whole game. Furthermore, there will be additional Commander as well as Hero and Units which you can utilize to help you.

Tiny Metal 05 22 19
There will be a great number of skirmish maps in this sequel

Besides, Area 35 has also revealed that a demo version will be available on Nintendo Switch on July 8. This version will feature 2 skirmish battlefields as well as the first 3 campaign maps.

Switch owners will be able to get the demo version of the game for free. In this version, you will get to check out the features as well as the systems in the game. You can also take a look at the updated mechanics from the original.

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Switch owner can try the demo version for free

The writer of I Am Setsuna - Hirotaka Inaba will also play a role in the game. He will be the one telling an intriguing and twisting tale of tragedy and triumph. Working alongside him is the composer Tomoki Miyoshi (Steins;Gate, Lost Sphear, I Am Setsuna).

Check out the latest trailer and the release date right below: