"What would you do to save the one you love"?

That's the message that Last Day of June wants to deliver to everyone. This game is this week's free title on Epic Games Store.

And while you're still wondering is it worth a try, you can watch the game's trailer with beautiful artworks and music here:

About the story of Last Day of June

Everyone in their life has a moment (or two) that makes them want to turn back time and fixed it. And Last Day of June tells the same story.

Carl and June make the happiest couple on the planet. Deep in love and delight, they decided to go on a trip to their most favorite locations near the lake, and enjoy their silent accompany.

Last Day Of June Is Free On Epic Games Store 4
Carl and June enjoy their happy time

However, a turn of events has destroyed their love. They suffer an accident on the way back, and everything falls apart. June was killed, and Carl was half-paralyzed and can't move his lower body.

Last Day Of June Is Free On Epic Games Store 2
The accident didn't mostly hurt his legs, but his heart!

A year later, Carl still can't get out of this massive loss. Fortunately, he was given the chance to re-live the day right before June dies again and again. However, this time, he will live from the viewpoint of other characters who live in their small community.

From there, Carl will have chances to reverse June's death by modifying the events that happen to those characters of that day.

Last Day Of June Is Free On Epic Games Store 3
Re-live a day before June dies

The gameplay of Last Day Of June seems a little bit monotonous, as you can only wandering around and perform repetitive actions. Walk down the events' locations, press X, move to other locations, press X, and then sit back and watch how the day ends.

If you have watch Steins;Gate before, then it's really similar to the scene where Okabe Rintarou tried and tried again to save Mayuri. Which means you'll also have to experience the death scene of June again and again. Gross, but very touching!

Is the Butterfly effects real? Can Carl finally save the one he loves? Let's download the game right now to find out!

Grab it now until the giveaway expires

This beautiful game with dreamy artworks is now free on Epic Games Store. Every week, Epic will give us a free title as a promotion for their storefronts. Last Day of June is originally $7.99, and only free until July 4, so be quick to get it right now!

Last Day Of June Is Free On Epic Games Store 1
Epic provides a free game every week!

The steps are similar to our previous posts on the free titles, which you can check and follow them to get Last Day of June.

The game's PC requirements are quite modest, so don't worry about it and let's get lost in the emotions right now.