Children Of Morta has almost doubled its funding goal with 3,427 backers on Kickstarter. As a tribute for the backers, the publisher 11bit Studio has announced its free pre-release event.

To be more specific, the developer is giving out a free demo version of the game on Steam. Before you try the game, let's watch the event trailer below:

Try Children of Morta for free for a limited time

As the main part of its pre-release event, 11bit Studio is giving players a free demo version of the Child of Morta on Steam.

Children Of Morta Free Demo On Steam 2
It only lasts for 72 hours in total!

The event started yesterday - June 19 and will end on June 22. This means you're only left with less than 48 hours to try the game first hand!

If you're still hesitating to try this game, here's the overview of its story and gameplay that could change your attitude!

A brief overview of the story and gameplay

The developer Dead Mage has described the game as "a story-driven action RPG game". To be more specific, it is another dungeon crawler which takes the settings of a surreal world.

In Children of Morta, you'll take control of the three-generation hero family. As a calamity called "the Corruption" is spreading through the land, the family will lead the land of Bargon to prevent the mass destruction.

Children Of Morta Free Demo On Steam 3
The magical disaster is spreading through the land

It sounds very mainstream, and the developer also agreed with that, too. They further explained that the game will focus on the things that we've already known very well, but still can't help loving them. The story will pivot on values of "love and hope, longing and uncertainty, ultimately loss and sacrifice we are willing to make to save the ones we care the most for."

About the gameplay, the demo version only features three playable characters. However, the developer has also given specific information on all the featuring characters.

Children Of Morta Free Demo On Steam 4
All of the family members' characteristics are revealed

The young members of the family will directly take part in the top-down hack-n-slash battles. They contain melee type, which tends to eliminate the enemies with blades, swords or huge hammers. There're the ranged members as well, as they'd like to blow the monsters up by shooting arrows or long-ranged magic.

Children Of Morta Free Demo On Steam 6
The game seems quite challenging for ranged class!

The elder of the family will take care of the background work. Grandma Margaret and Uncle Ben (lucky for you, there's no Peter Parker here!) are the seer and the blacksmith. Equipped with wisdom they inherited from their predecessors, they will help you strengthen your weapons as well as upgrade your stats.

The characters are varied, and the game will cost you a decent amount of time to get used to and take advantages of it. And since the environment changes over time due to the Corruption, your experience will never be the same with each play session!

Children Of Morta Free Demo On Steam 7
The environment will change over time!

Expected release date

The developer has officially announced that they will publish Children of Morta on August 28th for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC through Steam.

And since it's no point just sit there waiting, try the free demo version for yourself and quickly decide to purchase it.

Children Of Morta Free Demo On Steam 1
If you pre-order the game now, you can save 10% of the game price, which was originally £16.64/€19.79/$19.79.