Epic is back with its giveaway week! And this time, the lucky title that is waiting to be played for free is Rebel Galaxy!

Before getting right into the giveaway, let's look at how the game looks with this trailer:

About Rebel Galaxy

Rebel Galaxy is the debut title from the developer Double Damage Games. At it released, the game received a lot of high appreciation from the reviewers.

The main reason for that was the game featured a whole package of experiences in just one game. To be more specific, Rebel Galaxy is described as "a game of action-packed combat, exploration, discovery, trade, and “negotiation”. That's an impressively long description for me!

Rebel Galaxy Free Epic Games Store 1
Rebel Galaxy is an all-in-one package!

In Rebel Galaxy, you'll take control of a spaceship commander. Controlling the "immensely powerful star destroyer", you will have many options to choose with your adventure. You can fight pirates, make friend with aliens, collect the parts of destroyed spaceships from battles, mine some rare materials from small planets, and discover artifacts as well.

Rebel Galaxy Free Epic Games Store 3
Explore the vast universe to further enhance your spaceship

Not stopping from that, if you're a man of business, then this game is for you. You can take the role of a trader, where you negotiates with other aliens to make juicy deals to gain not only material benefit but also "diplomatic" relationships as well. The Galaxy is never a safe place, so you'll need some allies on your journey!

Although the game provides you with many experiences, you'll still have to focus on the main objective: getting money to discover the universe. In order to do that, you'll need to equip your ship with "a variety of wicked weapons and defenses".

Rebel Galaxy Free Epic Games Store 2
Make it your indestructible fortress!

All of those mentioned features are the elements that make the game great. And to remind you, that was the works from Double Damage Games - the studio that only consists of two men!

Get it right now before the giveaway expire!

The giveaway lasts for 7 days, beginning from June 20 to June 27. This means you only have five days left to get the game for free.

And to inform you, this version on Epic Games Store is the DRM-free version. To clarify, it doesn't require you to log-in or go online for authentication!

Rebel Galaxy Free Epic Games Store 2
The steps are similar to other previous games that we've informed you

All you have to do to get the game is log-in to Epic Launcher, find Rebel Galaxy, hit the Get it Free button, confirm your free purchase, and the game will be added to your Library.

I know a lot of us doesn't like what Epic is doing with its exclusive strategy, but hey, it's providing free games every week, so at least give them some respect!

Rebel Galaxy Free Epic Games Store 4
Last week's free game on Epic Games Store is Enter the Gungeon!

Expect even more free games to be given away every single week during the whole of 2019, and stay tuned to Gurugamer to receive the latest update!