Many of you may have heard about World War 3. For those who are interested in this multiplayer military first-person shooter, we have a great news for you. The Farm 51 (the game’s developer) will bring you a whole free weekend for the game. Starting from the 20th to the 23rd of June, PC gamers can download World War 3 from Steam for free.

World War 3
World War 3 is going to be free for the whole weekend

Should you don’t have any idea about World War 3, this is a multiplayer first-person shooter game with a military theme. The game takes place in a modern, world-wide conflict.

World War 3 is a product of the cooperation between The Farm 51 alongside military R&D centers and consultants. The game reveals the consequences after every single battle. But they put it in the context of a campaign for world war on a detailed and strategic war map.

As the developers shared, players will have a chance to try the new Polyarny map in this free weekend. The developer has optimized this map to make it run a lot better now. This would give you a far better experience.

World War 3’s mains goal is to focus on strong team play, real locations, and national armed forces.

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The free weekend allows gamers to experience a new map in World War 3

The developer also wants to emphasize on a versatile customization system as well as full body awareness. All of these features will make contributions to the authenticity of the experience of modern combat. Other vital elements like advanced armors, a robust ballistic system, or realistic weapons will also help enhance this experience.

It’s noticeable that many early buyers felt greatly disappointed. It is all due to the shortage of communication since The Farm 51 has been silent for quite a long time. However, The team appears to be back on track now. It seems that The Farm 51 is even trying to overhaul its own title further.

So as to celebrate this event, The Farm 51 has also revealed a brand new trailer. Check it out right below!