Popular CS:GO streamer Jason Ruchelski, or JasonR, is currently under fire due to him reportedly banning women from his broadcasts on Twitch.

Numerous women are stating that the streamer banned them during his stream for the sole reason of them being women. And most of them do have proofs that are chat logs showing the discrimination belonged to JasonR himself.

He was asked during a stream back in July why there was no female on the chat logs and gave back a quite surprising answer. He stated that the reason there were no “chicks” in the streams was due to the fact that he “fucking” banned “these hoes”. He then added that every woman on Twitch, from his own words, is a “f**king hoe”.

Jasonr Twitch Allegations
The controversial streamer

If there is anything from a user profile suggests that she is a woman, then she will be banned, missPerceived – one of his fan that was banned recently – stated. For example, a user had the term “Anna” in the username, thus she was banned twice. This spree of bans has to do with the streamer’s personal relationship. One of JasonR’s mods stated that it might be due to influences from his girlfriend.

missPerceived stated on Twitter that she did not do anything that warranted her a ban aside from the fact that she is a girl. Her streams had no overly sexual content. She is no threat to any relationship.

The streamer during his competitive days

A Reddit user had been a subscriber to JasonR’s channel for more than 20 months, and they stopped supporting him after he was banned back in July. The reason for this ban from Twitch is now still unknown. However, one can see that it is likely due to possible violations of the streaming site’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

When threads about this issue popped up through Reddit, JasonR stated on his stream that he apparently can ban whoever he likes and he does not “give a shit”.

All in all, this is quite a strange and sharp turn of JasonR’s attitude as his streams are often full of banters and jokes, free of controversy, and light-hearted. Since the transition from competitive last year, he has been doing streams daily with consistent support of his fans. It remains to be seen if this discriminatory stance has any effect of the viewer base.

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