Have you imagined what a caveman do with an alien invasion? Well, he'll stick a jet under his butt and start smacking aliens with his stone stick!

That's the exact concept that Jet Kave Adventure is going to take! It's releasing a new trailer, showcasing which kinds of craziness can happen in this title.

You can watch the trailer below:

The story of Jet Kave Adventure

Jet Kave Adventure takes place in the prehistoric era, where we know very little about. At that time, there's a caveman called Kave. Kave used to be the leader of his tribe, but somehow got extruded. The former chief is wandering on the land, until he found some strange device.

It turns out to be a jetpack that should not appear in this era! However, unlike us, Kave doesn't know what in the world that is, so he needs to do some experience with it. Putting it on his back, the jetpack make Kave the first caveman to fly, as well as the only one who stands a chance against an alien invader.

Jet Kave Adventure Screenshot 10
Kave will have to jetpack through the island to stop the invader

The invader is an unlikeable guy who wants to trigger a huge volcano eruption just to fix his spaceship. That poses a huge threat toward the tribes, so Kave must stand up to protect his beloved people and prove his chieftainship!

About the gameplay

Science-fiction at the Stone Ages? It's stone-fiction! That's what the developer 7Levels has laid its title into! Basically, Jet Kave Adventure is a 2.5D platformer, in which you'll fly and dash to the aliens to stop the invader's plan.

Kave, using his flying mechanics, will have to jetpack through the totally 36 levels to reach to the final boss - the invader. However, there will be a lot of obstacles on your path, so you'll have to break a lot of walls and other things that prevent you from reaching your destination. There'll be some secret places that are only reachable through proper uses of the jetpack. In there, you might find some rare materials that are crucial in the future.

Jet Kave Adventure Screenshot 5
Breaking through walls to reach many secret places

And of course, the invader's minions will try to stop you from breaking through easily. As a result, you'll have to rely on your trusty stone club and the jetpack to dash through them. From the trailer, you can already see the caveman making use of his flying ability to get close to the enemies, and then smacking them to the ground!

Jet Kave Adventure Screenshot 12
Kave can smake the monsters down with his stone club

The game's pace is going to be very fast and rich, as you will have to continuously switch from walking, running, jumping and flying throughout the game. The boss fight is also going to be intense, and you'll need to collect some materials and upgrade your gear in order to deal with them.

Jet Kave Adventure Screenshot 9
Upgrade your gear through fighting

Jet Kave Adventure also contains some light puzzle-solving, which will ramp the atmosphere up a little bit if you're bored of continuously flying.

Apart from the normal mode to explore the main story, the game gives you three distinctive challenge modes: Collectible, Time and No Damage.

Exclusive for Switch

Jet Kave Adventure is going to come out on September 17, 2019. The developer announced that this game will be exclusive for Nintendo Switch at the price $19.99.

Jet Kave Adventure Screenshot 13 Min
Jet Kave Adventure is going to come out on September 17

That's not a cheap price at all, so you might consider trying it before purchasing the whole game. If you really feel interested in Jet Kave Adventure, you can try the early version at Indie Games Poland booth at PAX West in Seatle.

The booth 7108 is located at WSCC, Level 6, and if you come, you can have a chance to meet the developers. But remember that the event only last from August 30 to September 2, so be precise with your schedule.

Good luck!