Diner DASH Adventures is the latest addition to the popular casual game series Diner DASH from developer Glu Mobile, and it is now available on Google Play, combining elements of previous entries to deliver a unique experience.

Basically, this game is a hybrid between Diner DASH and Hotel DASH. Protagonist Flo returns here, and her task is to try to restore DinerTown back to its former glory. She’ll achieve this by doing what she does best: In the diner, she has to bring guests to their table, take their orders to the kitchen to prepare the food, and serve the correct dish to the correct customer on time to keep them happy.

Diner DASH Adventures Trailer

Later on, when Flo has got the diner up and running, she'll also move on to work at the local hotel. Here, her job is to make sure that customers have everything they need, from extra pillows to other room services. If you can help her keep everyone happy, you’ll earn more coins to then spend on upgrading the town.

Diner Dash
Keep everyone happy to earn coins!

This town-building aspect, in fact, is a major part of Diner DASH Adventures’ gameplay too. Of course, that is not something you can do overnight. Some areas of the town are in terrible shapes, so you'll have to invest quite a bit of time and money to get them fixed and remodeled. The game also offers a wide range of customization for you to decorate DinerTown and its buildings to your likings.

Diner Dash Adventures Decorate
Plenty of options to customize the town to your liking

Usually, casual games like these don't have much of a story, but that's not the case here. The developer has added an antagonist to Diner DASH Adventures: An evil individual known as Mr. Big who has some nefarious scheme to wreak havoc to DinerTown. Naturally, it falls to Flo to save the day.

Diner DASH Adventures is available on Google Play right now. Being a free release, ads and microtransactions are to be expected.