Developed by MS Games, Land of War: The Beginning is an FPS game focused on the WWII in Poland in September 1939. You can check out the trailer of the game below.

Into the game, you will be thrown into the battles between Polish and German spies. You will control private Piotr Kowalski, who is being transferred to Mokra. Unfortunately, you accidentally get yourself involved in the spy war. What are you going to do next? Lives of thousands of people and maybe even the fate of the world is now on your hand. Each of your decision will lead you to a different path through many historical places and battles during the 1939-1944 campaigns.

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Land of War is the first game to focus on Poland in WWII

In the Morka battle, players will be equipped with an anti-panzer gun called "Ur" to fight against German while driving an armored train. But that is not all, you will also join a raid with a TKS tankette to burst through the German defense near Modlin, protect Hel peninsula and destroy the route between the island and the mainland using explosives. All those epic missions will be placed in the stunning landscapes of 1939 Poland with forests, and towns.

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Each mission will require a suitable weapon

Throughout the game, players will get to find a lot of arms and equipment of both German and Polish troops in the beginning stages of World War II. Each of them will be very useful in various missions in the game. Particular missions will require players to use different tactics and weapons such as a sniper rifle, or only a knife. But most importantly, in order to survive, players must have fast reactions as the game will just throw you into a battle right at the start.

The main character will play different roles in the game depending on the missions such as an infantile, artilleryman, reconnaissance scout or even tank and train driver.

Land of War: The Beginning is currently under development and is expected to come out on Steam for PC in late 2020.