I sometimes feel proud of being a citizen of FPS retro community, yet the comeback of this genre has been so out-of-mind that I’ve nearly missed some really interesting stuffNightmare Reaper, an FPS product from Blazing Bit Games, stepped into Early Access yesterday!

Having the first look at the quirky graphics as well as the randomly generated difficulty on the basis of high-paced FPS, I almost skipped this game.

However, I found the vintage style pretty good indeed, not to mention some smart ideas and grand plans despite being at Early Access. Take a look at the trailer:

We can realize the resemblance with Rise Of The Triad loot & shoot kind of game (grid-based map with chunky style), a female heroine who fights against the demon within herself when the night comes and automatically generated levels.

The game seems to be a little bit over-colorful, but I think the weaponry system is quite satisfying in comparison with the in-game enemies often coming in swarms. This provides players with opportunities for eye-feasting explosive detonations. You will also have a grappling hook and a chainsaw.

In-game soundtrack is taken charge by Andrew Hulshult, who is famous for Amid Evil and Dusk.

Maxresdefault 3
The game seems quite needlessly colorful

The thing that actually makes Nightmare Reaper amazing is the RPG element. You will feel that old-school vibe when you slay the enemy and it explodes into a bunch of coins bouncing on the screen when collected, also combo-based multipliers and tricky shots.

The game also features Mario-style map for you to experience. Passive traits system, levels, and nodes can also be unlocked by using money. You just need to finish a particular level and acquire some perks that are really useful later.

Maxresdefault 2
Nightmare Reaper feature Mario-style map

In-game events are fun as well, starting with a cute dog which will help you digging up loots and getting other pets. There are several gravity-free areas where you have to take advantage of wall-kicking and recoil on your weapons to be mobile.

Blazing Bit is planning for a year of Early Access, so the game will develop a lot in terms of scale until Early Access ends. At the moment, you can play up to 3 pre-arranged episodes, 32 types of different weapons with statistics modification for increased variety. There are 80 basic types of weapon estimated, together with numerous cool stuff during the official launch.

Nightmare Reaper Torrent Download
The game provides a wide range of weapons

Nightmare Reaper is available now on Steam Early Access and takes you $16.14/€13.59/£12.31. The price won’t expect any changes in the future.