Initially launched for PC through Steam on May 2018, Juicy Realm has gained a lot of positive reviews with its vibrant visuals quirky gameplay. However, I've never thought that we need this long to finally see the game on Switch.

Well, at least that day is coming very soon. The developer SpaceCan and the publisher X.D. Network is very excited to announce the Switch release for its successful twin-stick shooter - Juicy Realm.

Below is the trailer to celebrate this announcement, which you can have a look to catch the vibes:

The concept of Juicy Realm

Juicy Realm takes the concept in a fictional world, where a meteor has fallen from the sky and strike the Earth. The disaster brings about a mutation, causing fruits and plants to turn into monstrous creatures.

Juicy Realm Switch Release 4
The durian is going all over the place after the meteor strike!

As a result, the world is now being run over by the mutants plants and fruits, and it relies on you to save it!

Gameplay features

Juicy Realm is a twin-stick shooter, in which you'll take control of one from 9 quirkiest characters. Your task is to shot down the hostile juicy monsters all over the world and protecting what is surviving on the Earth.

While it sounds nearly impossible, it's actually very viable with our heroes. To be more specific, all 9 playable characters in this game all have their special powers. For example, Emy the Mercenary has the power making her shot automatically track enemies, or Bam n' Boozle the Panda can go berserk and punching fruits like a complete maniac! Together, they will make this deadly adventure completely juicy!

Juicy Realm Switch Release 2
Each character has its own abilities!

Furthermore, Juicy Realm rewards players for creating their unique builds with certain characters. Generally, as you shoot down more and more mutated fruit monsters, you'll be able to collect loot drops. Each of them will interact in a distinctive way with each character, which makes the potential amount of builds goes completely over the top.

Juicy Realm Switch Release 3
The power-ups will drop out randomly as you shoot the fruit down

Adding the cherry on top, Juicy Realm fully supports split-screen co-op, which is even better with Nintendo Switch and joy-cons.

Release date and supported platforms

Juicy Realm is heading to Nintendo Switch on November 7th. At the same time, it's currently available on PC through Steam now, which players could purchase for $14.99.

Juicy Realm Switch Release 5
Juicy Realm is coming to Switch next month

However, at its launch, the publisher X.D. Network will host a small discount, cutting the price of the game down to $11.99.

There will be a PS4 version in the future, but we don't know exactly when, as it's staying in development progress.