Karakin’s part of PUBG’s new changes in 2020, with the system of map rotation. Its tiny size along with the complicated layout and shorter circle duration made the map one of the most intense shooter experiences in the game. However, there is yet another feature that contributes greatly to the map’s success: Sticky bombs. These tiny explosives spawn everywhere on the map and you can pretty much stick them on everything.

The whole city of Karakin was built on the “destructible environments” principle. This element would make the game more immersive than ever – with the final circle likely to happen in a half-exploded city.

The aftermath of an explosion

There are two main ways of destroying buildings in Karakin, the new Black Zones with those missile strikes and the Sticky Bombs. Those Black Zones are pretty much terrifying, as they can penetrate buildings, something that’s not possible in other maps. Sticky Bombs, however, are destruction on a much smaller scale – they are more personal.

These grenades would stick to whatever surface they were thrown at – and detonate after a short duration. The resulting explosion would penetrate everything on its path, from doors, walls to players. It is much more satisfying than the usual grenade. The sound that the grenade’s trigger made is also really different from any other sound in PUBG – they are monotonous cell phone ringtones, which are hilarious, taunting and panic-inducing at the same time.

Create a hole on the roof of a building using Sticky bombs

The original idea behind the changeable environment in Karakin was originally just "using crowbars to open special doors", and eventually, those turned into "explosives and breach points". Overall, this mechanic is an excellent way to spice up the map along with the players' approach to combat. From storming a building using an unexpected entrance to escaping a raid by creating your own route, the possibilities are endless. Interested in more of our articles related to PUBG? Please check out this post for the 6 best landing locations on Karakin.