There is so much excitement in the air today for the hardcore KurtzPel battle game fan. Is it because the game creator finally includes an option to restrict PvE difficulties? Sadly no. Or an amazing rework on party matchmaking system? Still no.

Kurtzpel 01
What is awaiting KurtzPel fans ahead?

Instead, we’re getting a new PvP tournament. This is because the developer 0f KurtzPel has decided to team up with the renowned tournament organizer ESL. This means we will get to see a group of people, on a global scale, coming together to fight till death. Everybody likes a good online gladiator fight, right?

To the rest of the readers who do not know what KurtzPel is, and may consider getting into the game because of adorable graphics, please think twice! (It was a joke. Of course, you still have the freedom to choose)

Pic3 1
Here's a brief look at KurtzPel's world and the game User Interface

In all seriousness, KurtzPel is a 3D anime-styled, action, free-to-play PC MMORPG from the third-person perspective. Players have 2 choices for battle modes: PvP or PvE missions.

Most KurtzPel fans will agree that the game is a beautiful work of art with great color scheme. Combos are fun to learn. The PvP mode is commonly perceived as much more thrilling than the PvE mode.

Kurtzpel 03
KurtzPel has a fantastic PvP mode with flashy moves and attacks

You may find a sample clip of 1vs1 battle here:

Or if you don’t trust us enough, you may get a second opinion on this game from The Lazy Peon here:

Or read some additional information at and on the official Youtube channel.

Since the PvP gameplay is so much fun, KOG has decided that the first worldwide tournament for KurtzPel in Europe and North America is going to take place on the 13th of October this year (only a few days away!). EU cups will be starting at 3 PM CEST, while the NA cups will be at 2 PM PDT.

Kurtzpel 02
A battle against cuties, who wouldn't?

Kurtzpel 04
Would you consider picking up KurtzPel?

So we can trust that it is official news. After the intense Elsword Online international league in April 2019, we now finally have a new tournament to look forward to. It is also important to note that all the cups and finals will be broadcast from the ESL’s studio in the UK. So tune in for upcoming news regarding these fun battles!