The €120,000 (₹92.5 LAKH) PUBG Mobile tournament took place in Milan Games Week, Italia. The Vodafone 5G ESL Mobile Open PUBG Mobile concluded last Sunday with a victory going the Turkey way. As we all have, Futbolist walked away with €40,000 (₹30.8 LAKH) and the trophy in the bag. Quite a deserving victory for the Turkish squad.

2 Indian representatives, Entity Gaming and Synergy Gaming, had a fresh and lively experience with their international event. Entity Gaming finished the event with a top 4 finish and €10,000 (₹7.7 LAKH) in prize money. Synergy ended up last. Here you can rewatch the whole PUBG Mobile tournament in both English and Hindi.

The stream in Hindi

Vodafone 5G ESL Mobile Open PUBG Mobile

The Vodafone 5G ESL Mobile Open PUBG Mobile went through 6 rounds with a total of 10 teams. The map to play in the event was Erangel with standard settings. The game mode was First Person Shooter. The point distribution for the finish standings is as follow:

Chicken Winner 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
20 15 13 11 9 7 5 3 1 0

Each kill = 1 point

As we can see, each kill yields 1 point while trying to reach the top 5 surviving teams can earn you at least 9 points. It would be more rewarding to avoid fights and prepare the best for the final battle once the restrictions close in. While scoring a kill is nice, it would be better to avoid fighting if it turns out to be too risky.

The first round

The Vodafone 5G ESL Mobile Open PUBG Mobile kicked off quite peacefully. Every team was pretty cautious at the start of the tournament as they wouldn't want to lose any manpower too early.

The fight started with a situation where 2 members of Futbolist.Tron got knocked out in a building between Entity Gaming and the whole Futbolist squad. Futbolist.Zessy crashed a car into the wall in an attempt to close the distance and revive his teammate. Zessy got 2 opening knockouts against Entity.Neyooooo and Entity.JONATHAN. Entity quickly fired back and knocked out the member of Futbolist. Amidst the fight, QLASH.Beast snatched away the first blood while Entity.GHATAK finished off Zessy. The whole Entity squad remained intact while Futbolist were down to 2 members.

The opening fight happened between Futbolist and Entity Gaming

Fights happened here and there with many more players knocked out from the game. However, the real battle started once the circle drew in. The last battle happened right on an open arena with the only apparent hideouts being a booth and a car.

The first round ended with a surprising ending

Entity Gaming made an aggressive play and decided to go for the fight. It was a gamble but Entity took it and finished off Istanbul Wild Cats. Unfortunately, the Hungarian had waited for the right moment to strike and caught the last member of Entity. The first chicken dinner went to Team Plague with 8 kills.

Pubg Mobile Recap Highlights 01
Entity Gaming topped the kill chart but they failed to claim the Chicken Dinner

Round 2

More accustomed to the competition and opponents, most teams in the Vodafone 5G ESL Mobile Open PUBG Mobile picked up the pace and went more aggressive in the second game. Just 5 minutes into the game and we already had the first blood for Fear The Flame player Perkz. 2 Cream Esports members Zuku and PsK were the first to go down. Things slowed down for a while as every team took extra caution not to get eliminated too early.

However, the inevitable came as the circle closed the distance between players. Futbolist played well in the match with their tactics and gameplay. The Turkish squad stuck together and made sure no man is harmed unpunished. With overwhelming manpower, Futbolist finished the last Fear The Flame players and won the Chicken Dinner with 4 men alive. What a huge round for them.

With the huge round, Futbalist made a huge swing in the standings, went from being last in Round 1 to the top of the table in Round 2. That made them the second on the table with 32 points, 8 points less than the #1 Team Plague and 1 more than Entity Gaming.

Pubg Mobile Recap Highlights 02
Futbolist had a convincing showing in Round 2 when scoring the most kill and the Chicken Dinner with 4 men alive

Round 3

The third game in The Vodafone 5G ESL Mobile Open PUBG Mobile went more peacefully than the last game. Everyone took extra caution while looting items and checked every corner before leaving. However, what's fun in a Battle Royale game with no casualty? IW.bsd caught one member of Synergy Gaming - Goldblade off guard and claimed the first blood. The match slowed down a bit as everyone took a careful approach and waited for the right moment to strike.

A chaotic situation happened as many squads decided to take refuge in the area near the bridge. With so many players around, it turned into a feeding frenzy as everyone strived to survive through the fight. QLASH Europe did a great job while staying far away from the fight. They only fired a barrage of gunshots there to snipe for kills.

With many squads crippled of manpower, QLASH got overwhelming advantages when the number of surviving players was down to 1 digit. QLASH quickly eliminated the 2 remaining members of Unicorns of Love. The Chicken Dinner went to the Italian squad QLASH Europe in round 3.

Pubg Mobile Recap Highlights 03
QLASH claimed the #3 position after taking the Chicken Dinner Round 3

After Round 3, Team Plague was still comfortable on top with 60 points, extending the lead from Futbolist to 12. Enity Gaming dropped to #6 with 35 points. Synergy didn't have their match in the 3 first rounds in the Vodafone 5G ESL Mobile Open PUBG Mobile.

Round 4

The game number 4 started with early first blood for FUT.Tron after catching uol.SONIK just 5 minutes into the game. Entity Gaming would then take the initiative and eliminate the whole squad of Fear The Flame in a close combat situation. That was the earliest wipe in the whole tournament, just roughly at the minute mark 10.

A close combat between Entity Gaming and Fear The Flame

Occasional fights happened here and there later without many casualties. However, as the border closed in, a big clash took place alongside the hill area. Entity Gaming went on a rampage and shot everything on their way. However, there were so many players there and they got outnumbered by gunfires from every direction. The last man in Entity squad was eliminated by Cream Esports, placing the Indian team finish at #7.

Entity Gaming has been nothing but aggressive. That's the play.

The game went on with more teams eliminated eventually. The last battle between the two surviving squads turned out to be a phenomenal showing from Synergy Gaming in a 2v3 situation. With high ground advantages, 2 Indian members of Synergy Gaming did an outstanding job when spraying down the 3 remaining players from Istanbul Wild Cats. SG.Gunshot and Dastro claimed the first Chicken Dinner for Indians in the tournament.

A phenomenal showing from Synergy Gaming in Round 4.

Pubg Mobile Recap Highlights 04
A great round for Entity Gaming to close the gap, congratulation to Synergy Gaming for winning the Chicken Dinner

After raking in a massive number of 11 kills, Entity gaming climbed the ladder and finish #5 after Round 4. Synergy Gaming although claimed the chicken dinner but had yet to close the gap in ranking points.

Round 5

The 5th round started off with early first blood. Just the first minute into the game, we already had CRM.Psk eliminated by uol.SONIK. The round slowed down a bit with occasional shootings happened here and there. The border drew in on an area with many trees and buildings around. The battle was back and forth with many gunfights. The last battle turned out into a chaotic affair as Futbolist and QLASH locked horns amidst a bunch of buildings. However, QLASH emerged victorious with their second Chicken Dinner.

QLASH became the two-time Chicken Winner after Round 5

Pubg Mobile Recap Highlights 05
Futbolist became the new #1 with their high placings in many matches

The deciding round 6

As the last chance to improve the current standings, round 6 kicked off with a slow start. Most teams decided to keep a safe distance from their opponents while looting. Occasional fightings happened with a few casualties. An interesting situation saw Entity Gaming lock horns against Fear The Flame near the bridge. Entity Gaming decided to make the play, getting AMAN to drive a car as bait to get Perkz out of position. That was when the entire Entity squads swarmed in and outnumbered Fear The Flame. A heroic play from AMA got Entity Gaming 2 kills.

That's a trap!

The last battle happened between the 2 remaining squads - Futbolist and Unicorns of Love. FUT.Anarsheet nailed the last bullet to bring the second Chicken Dinner for the team, as well as the victory for them in the tournament.

With that, Futbolist became the champion with the most points. Entity Gaming earned just enough point to surpass Istanbul Wild Cats and Fear The Flame to take the #4 finishing. With that, the Turkish squad Futbolist hoisted the trophy of the Vodafone 5G ESL Mobile Open PUBG Mobile.