With the introduction of Season 5: Bad Land, PUBG turned their focus on Miramar this time. By collecting in-game items, the whole PUBG community can join hands to unlock part by part that will reveal Miramar's backstory. These include cinematic videos and images that will form together to make a completed story for this deserted land. Until now, only 3 cinematic videos have been unlocked and uploaded on the official YouTube channel of PUBG. The last video was released a week ago and we probably need to wait for a while for the last video.

Pubg Season 5 Full Cinematic Part 1234 1 40 Screen
Miramar is owned by a criminal overlord

However, a YouTuber called PlayerIGN, who usually posts PUBG leaks on his channel by datamining the game, has just revealed the last Season 5 cinematic on his channel. You can watch the full trailer below that consists of all 4 parts.

Now, about Miramar lore, it's obvious that this place belonged to a criminal overlord who would easily cut off people's fingers if he wasn't happy. We also get to the character who is opposing the boss. He is a Russian man in a modern suit on a plane that is flying over Miramar. From the first video of Erangel, we can assume that this Russian is the PlayerUnknown, the child in Erangel who is now grown up. PlayerUnknown wants to turn Miramar into a battleground, but the boss refuses.

Pubg Season 5 Cinematic Part 4 0 36 Screenshot
PlayerUnknown kills the boss with an explosion because he refused his offer

However, PlayerUnknown has been spying this conservation through a watch and decided to eliminate the boss by an explosion to continue making Miramar into a battleground for his battle royale game.

That is all we have known so far about the lore of Miramar from this video. Stay tuned and we will update you with more information as soon as possible.