Darewise Entertainment has previously teased its new open-world game called Project C. And even through its first images, the game has stolen the hearts of many MMORPG-fans for its aesthetic visuals. Now the developer has decided to officially name their brainchild Life Beyond now, and it will give you the experiences that go beyond your expectations of life on a new planet.

Together with the name change, Life Beyond also gets its debut trailer which shows the key gameplay features as well. The first part of the trailer showcases the independent crew behind the game, but if you're more interested in how the game looks, skip through the 0:38 mark to find out what is good about its exploration.

The concept of Life Beyond

Life Beyond takes the settings of a futuristic world, where the advanced technology has granted humankind access to an exotic planet namely Corvus far away from Earth. As the adventure-seeker yourself, you'll become one of the first people to mark your footsteps on this abandoned planet and build the civilization for your own goods!

The planet of Corvus is rich in ecosystems, which features many kinds of biomes for you to build your dreamland. However, potentials always come together with a lot of challenges, and the scariest things on this land are the hostile monsters that are always ready to ruin what you've done to develop your city.

Life Beyond Debut Trailer 3
Become the first citizen on this beautiful planet of Corvus

Hence, you'll have to work with other players to form a strong alliance to stand firmly on Corvus, watching your civilization to bloom!

Gameplay features

MMORPG games don't often go with an epic-scale background story, and Life Beyond is one of those games. However, to make up for its concept, the game delivers a lot of exploration potentials that will probably be your game-to-grind for a while.

To be more specific, Planet Corvus is completely open, which you can freely explore every corner to find the most suitable land to build your own dream city. Taking control over your character through the third-person perspective, you'll wander around multiple ecosystems of this exotic planet to gather the necessary resources for your ambition.

Life Beyond Debut Trailer 5
Traveling through various biomes to find your resources

Alongside with the resources, this land is also full of advanced technology from unknown civilizations, which will help you a lot with your constructing progress. And since you can't just live alone on a new planet, you can interact with other players in many ways to accelerate your development.

Life Beyond Debut Trailer 2
Interact with other players to get money and resources

In detail, they include fulfilling contracts that other players have given out for in-game money, as well as offering trades with them to claim the materials, vehicles, tools and weapons you need. Speaking about the weapons, the gunplay in this game looks very similar to Fortnite, where you'll shoot giant monsters while jumping around the colorful landscape. Some might be too hard for a person to handle alone, so don't be shy to invite your friend in.

Life Beyond Debut Trailer 6
Hunt down the giant beetle-like creatures to get rare items

And if you want to find a shelter to help you safely build your civilization, Life Beyond features a clan system. It does not only help you grow much faster, but also help other players to form a true alliance both on the scale of economy and military power. Additionally, this feature opens a vision of clan-scale PvP fight as well as raid against monsters, which will end up giving more worthy resources.

Life Beyond Debut Trailer 4
The clan system helps both new players and the experienced ones

Release date and supported platforms

Life Beyond is still under development now, but the developer Darewise Entertainment has regularly held some closed-alpha tests for members on their Discord channel. The game will come out for PC at an unknown date.