From Peakway Software, Isles of Adalar is a brand-new open-world fantasy RPG game that will come out in July 2020. Recently, the team has announced their upcoming release with a new debut gameplay trailer. Here it is:

Gameplay Perspective

Isles of Adalar features both first-person and third-person perspectives. However, it's the dialogue system in Isles of Adalar that you should pay close attention to. Here, you'll encounter multiple choices and consequences that would decide everything about the game. Therefore, you’ll need to think carefully before making any decision.

Additionally, the game will have a mostly text-based system with non-specific voice lines from NPCs. Moreover, by assigning different personality traits to your characters, they will give unique in-game responses accordingly.

Isles Of Adalar
From Peakway Software, Isles of Adalar is an open-world fantasy RPG that has both third-person & first-person perspectives.


Isles of Adalar support a co-op mode of up to four players. However, as multiplayer isn't designed for everyone, the devs are in charge of difficulty scaling to preserve the integrity of the single-player campaign.

Mod support

Isles of Adalar features mod support and encourage players to publish user-generated content. Thanks to that, people can have access to every tool they need to create new campaigns and share with the community. At the moment, a creative community of people playing the game is being built up.

The tools are very user-friendly and efficient to use, allowing even small teams to handle large campaigns. Extra content is coming in the future, and the future will be full of unique creations with unique environmental biomes, architecture styles, and new enemies.

Isles Of Adalar
Isles of Adalar allows mods for players to create their own world/campaign.

Role-playing & Replay-ability

As mentioned above, choice and consequence will be the center in the dialogue system. This allows in-depth in-game dialogues with the characters in the game world. At the same time, players are encouraged to multiple personality traits for unique responses.

Therefore, if you want to succeed in a persuasion attempt, take into consideration your level and the logic you use in a specific context.

Isles of Adalar
Isles of Adalar revolves around choices and consequences. Choose wisely!

For now, enjoy the gameplay trailer as well as available screenshots and stay tuned for even more upcoming content. Isles of Adalar is coming for PC at an unknown date in July 2020.