Looks like Rockstar's strategy of sitting on GTA 6 for 10 years have failed. A leaker has revealed some gigantic leaks regarding the upcoming sequel of the GTA Series. In this article, Gurugamer is going to list out every leak available so far.

Gameplay video

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  • main character (girl) aiming at random stuff
  • main character (guy) getting shot with some free camera going on
  • main character (guy) punching NPCs
  • main character (guy) swimming
  • some driving (yes, that tv sign is from GTA V)
  • main character (girl) walking around with a different fit/hairstyle
  • shooting out of the car mechanic

About the leak

Jason confirms that this is the real deal and from a very early build. For those curious, it seems like this hacker got their way into the Rockstar Games slack, the same way they did with Uber a few days ago, you can hear some Slack DM notifications going off in some clips!

It seems like 10,000 lines of code also leaked. The codes include lines like “equip Jetpack” and “mount horse”. Below are the various GTA-related reveals:

  • Redwood Cigarettes are a GTA Staple and are seen in a few clips/screenshots.
  • There is a screenshot of a sign of Hanks Waffles which could be a callback to Broffles Waffles from San Andreas.
  • Another GTA brand, LTD gasoline in the background.
  • The NPC conversation clip mentions LifeInvader, which is a GTAs brand
  • There has been gameplay footage being recorded from different types of PCs and consoles…so far I have seen 1080, 2080 super and 3080 being used and a ps4 being used too. This means GTA 6 might even come to the PS4.
  • Your character can now go prone, there are 5 stars instead of 6 stars, police will remember the car you’re in and you can carry people around your shoulders. Everything you see in these builds is subject to change!

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Apparently, the hacker is now selling the GTA 5 source code along with some GTA 6 documents, source code for GTA 6 is not for sale…yet! Seems like the hacker got paid in bitcoin (about $100,000).

GTA 6 new feature list

Here’s all the info I found from the videos and screenshots.


PC and PlayStation are seen running.

Vice City

Player Characters so far:

Player Customization:

Jump (also maybe auto vaulting seen)
Cover system
Shooting out of cars with 360 rotation
Shooting out rear window of auto
Carry person on shoulder
Can switch over shoulder L/R

Time Period:
Appears modern day (people holding smart phones) Takes place AFTER GTAV (LifeInvader CEO killed already)

Weapons include:
3 slots - primary hand, off hand, and Duffel bag slot
Bolt action Sniper
Hunter sniper
Pump action Shotgun
Baseball bat
Pool cue
Golf putter
Golf driver
Golf iron
Rocket Launcher
Fire bottle
Assault rifle
Compact sub machine gun
Micro sub machine gun
Polymer Pistol
Smoke grenade
Heavy machine gun

Items Include:
Cut-off tool
Flash light
Auto dialer
Lock pick
Golf wedge
Slim Jim
Torch flashlight
USB drive
Immobilizer bypass
Tracker jammer
Loot bag in “duffel bag” slot

Vehicles include:
F250 pickup with trailer
“Sanchez” dirt bike
Fan boat
“Police cruiser”
Ford explorer
Ford bronco
1950s car
Cargo van
Lifted pickup
El Camino
Box truck
Crown Vic
Hatch back
Travel Van
Saturn 2door
Station wagon
Range Rover
Honda 4door sedan
BMW 4door Sedan
Aston Martin
Delivery truck
Boat trailer with boat

Indoor Locations:
Night clubs
Gas station
Living room
Gun store (assuming it has indoors)
Tram station
Fishing boat (not drivable yet)

Code shows:
Jet packs
Horses (careful, could be left from RDR2)

Likely activities (locations seen):

Smartphone app:

R8 Shaw

Gameplay Features:
Mostly the same as GTAV.
You have “your car”
Day night cycle (shadows seen moving)
Car cockpits feature tilting steering wheel, moving visors, adjustable seats (probably automatic for more accurate first person perspective)
5 star wanted levels
Enemy cone of view
Blood on screen of direction you’re shot from

Mountain bikes (“MTB ramps” mentioned in test level)
Tram travel (tram station with enterable trams)
Prone position (using animation seen)
Working Security cameras (object referenced)

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