Rockstar Games have just suffered one of the biggest leaks in the history of gaming, revealing a lot of things about the early build of GTA 6. Overall, it is a bit of GTA 5 and GTA Online with some improvements from Red Dead 2 - most people agreed that the gameplay is pretty refined compared to GTA 5.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 most notable details revealed in GTA 6 early build leak.

1. Dual protagonists

This has been revealed in previous leaks already - the protagonists of GTA 6 are going to be a male-female duo based on the iconic Bonnie and Clyde. Apparently, the female MC is a Latina woman named Lucia while the male MC is a white man named Jason.

Players will be able to use both protagonists during robberies, which is very similar to their real-life inspirations. It is unclear if this applies outside of the main, scripted missions.

2. RDR2-like weapon system

Looks like GTA 6 is going to have a weapon system similar to what RDR 2 has. Weapons now physically appear on the player character, and one can only use 2 large weapons at any time, along with a number of side arms. Expecting a difficulty spike in GTA 6, as players no longer have the ability to carry multiple powerful weapons.


The pocket arsenal system in GTA games is too unrealistic and makes the game much easier than usual. Players can carry backpacks in GTA 6 to have more items.

3. Vice City setting

This is another known element revealed in previous leaks. GTA 6 is going to be set in Vice City, with many places in the city looking like Miami. The NPCs also speak in a Southern accent while its police vehicles have VCPD decals.

Gta 6 Leak

Players can also see a train with Vice City written on it - this is likely a subway system based on the Miami Metrorail. Besides Vice City, it looks like players would be able to visit several parts of Florida. With an airboat featured, some of those parts might have a swamp environment. There should be missions in different towns as well.

4. Advanced NPC behavior

Rockstar has improved the in-game NPCs dramatically in GTA 6. There's an interesting clip from the leaked content showcasing a test session where the protagonists hold up a restaurant. This seems to validate the claims of an AI-patent leak for advanced NPCs.


The hold-up turns into a hostage situation where every NPC reacts realistically. Some of them remain seated, with varying responses, while those who were standing lay down on the ground.

In a particular clip, the male MC can get dragged into dialogue while listening to two NPCs talking to each other.

5. Improvements over past games

The combat system in GTA 6 has a lot of improvement compared to previous Rockstar games. There will be a better ragdoll system and the ability to go prone.

Gta6 Report 07 27 22

Most of the audio seems to be placeholders, as weapon sounds are louder. Additionally, players can now pick up incapacitated NPCs, a feature that was included in a number of open world titles.

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