As part of Epic Games’ big Christmas giveaways, Little Inferno, Tomorrow Corporation’s weird Indie title, is available for free on Epic Games Store until the end of Dec 23. This is a puzzle game in which you would have to burn items in a fireplace to get different effects. The flame would turn the destroyed item into money – so that you could use to buy even bigger, better, more expensive items to burn. It is a metaphor for consumerism and compulsion and how capitalism would push people into buying things they would never need.

Where you can get the game on Epic Store

A lot of different results would be created when stuff burns – if you burn dry ice, a freeze effect would affect nearby objects. An impressive array of items are available for you to purchase and burn: from the simple stuff like flaming logs, to credit cards, exploding fish, batteries, screaming robots, unstable nuclear devices, and even miniature galaxies. You can even play with them as they burn. The game was released back in 2012, made by three guys without any kind of publisher, office or even funding.

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Various items that you could burn

The general idea of it is to make fun of other bad games such as crafting, mobile or clickers. The Developers, Tomorrow Corporation, is known for their amazing indie hits like World of Goo, 7 Billion Humans and Human Resource Machine.

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The fireplace filled with random trinkets

To get it on the Epic Game Store, you just need to get to the home page of the store and scroll down a little bit to see the “Get it for free” tab. Click on the tab and the game would be added to your epic account. Interested in more of our video games related articles? Please check out this post for the upcoming release of Resident Evil 3 Remake.