Game Freak - the developer behind many Pokemon titles - including Sword and Shield - is excited to announce their upcoming RPG - Little Town Hero.

And in order to celebrate this event, the developer also released a beautiful cinematic trailer. You can see it down here:

The story of Little Town Hero

While we will have to wait for two more months to get Pokemon Sword And Shield, the developer Game Freak is making up for us with another title - Little Town Hero. And as the name suggests, you'll become a hero and protect your precious little town.

Your name is Axe - a young hero with an adventurous heart. You and many other people have been living in an abandoned village that lies on the edge of the world. Most of the people are happy with their life, and never consider getting out of the village.

Little Town Hero Announced From The Developer Of P
People are living happily in the town, and no ones want to leave

But you're different. When Axe has been tired of following the long-lasting rule - "Never leave town", he wants to break it. And finally, his chance comes. A wild "Monster" somehow makes its way into the village, causing fright and chaos all over the place. Therefore, Axe has to stand his ground, using the power of a mysterious Red stone that he accidentally came across and defeat the monsters.

Little Town Hero Announced From The Developer Of P
Axe has defeated the monsters using the power from the Red Stone

The villagers' fates now lie on the hand of Axe, and later on, he will gradually find outs the mystery behind the stones and the monsters that sneak into the village.

About its gameplay

There's little information about the gameplay of Little Town Hero at this point. However, from the early description, we know that Axe will have to fight with the monster through turn-based combats, where the only weapon that he can rely on is his "idea". Maybe Axe can only deal damage to his enemies with certain combos, so mixing things up might be mandatory in this game.

Little Town Hero Announced From The Developer Of P
You'll have to mix up your combos to deal damage to those giant monsters

To add more sauces to the gameplay, the developer also addressed that you won't need to grind to level up either. To be more specific, you don't need to repeatedly slay the small weak monsters, but you only have to use your wisdom to overcome the bigger bosses.

Little Town Hero Announced From The Developer Of P
You won't have to worry about clearing the small monsters in this game

Last but not least, all of the soundtracks in this game will come from the hand of Toby Fox - the composer that has made a lot of masterpiece in Undertale. Therefore, you can expect a lot of enjoyable moments playing this game with harmonizing background music. You'll definitely need them to come up with more devastating "ideas"!

Little Town Hero Announced From The Developer Of P
Toby Fox is back to craft more music for Little Town Hero

Litte Town Hero is coming out for Nintendo Switch on October 16. But right this moment, you can pre-order and even pre-load the game through Store, in case you might forget about it.