Being a squire is definitely not easy! A squire isn’t really a hero but an assistant of a knight instead. In Love Esquire, put your effort to become a helpful squire, supports your knight well and occasionally save the day in an indirect way. At the same time, maybe impress some love interests too!

Love Esquire
Love Esquire - a romantic-comedy title with some touches of old-school RPG combat.


The war is coming soon in Love Esquire and the time is ticking for a squire like you. Within just a few months, you’ll need to prove yourself a worthy squire and also find a knight love interest. Take a look at Love Esquire trailer as below:

Gameplay overview


As a supporter, it’s important that you keep your knight alive throughout the fights. In fact, you won’t be alive if your knight falls during a battle. There are quite a few things you can do as a squire to be a great supporter. Head to the battlefield and taunt your foes, cheer up your knight and raise their fighting spirit. Additionally, heal wounds, loot dead bodies for useful equipment and enhance your knight.

Love Esquire
Mess with your enemies and let your knight own the battlefield.

As long as you manage to mess with the enemies, your knight will own the battles and find success. And once he does so, you will become more and more well-known accordingly.

Love interest

Of course, it feels great to be famous among the people. At the same time, you should also be popular among the potential in-game love interests. Warriors, rulers and many others might develop love interest in you as you interact with them. It could be anything, from the amount of time you spent supporting them, the dialogues you had or maybe thanks to your gifts to them.

Love Esquire
Find yourself a person to snuggle up with before the cold arrives.

Each of the people you interact with will have their stories to tell. Just grow close enough to them and they should be open to sharing things. However, keep in mind that you need to stay alive for all these things to happen. Therefore, think twice about everything and take decisions with careful consideration is key.


Love Esquire is quite unique in terms of how the game functions. It definitely offers a strange way to fight your foes in an RPG title, yet it is still very enjoyable to find love and victory as a heroine. You might not be a famous hero, yet you can take on a quest to become the greatest support a hero can ever have.

Love Esquire is available for PC on Steam and now.