Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek is a familiar name among Apex Legends gamers. He has never won a single important Counter-Strike championship. However, he is becoming one in many tremendously popular faces and has a major influence on Twitch.

He used to be a Cloud9 player, as well as the former North American CS: GO legendary. He left the bloodthirsty scenario behind, which had left some bad memories in him. Furthermore, to add more salt in his old wounds, only one year after he decided to retire, Cloud9 kept on winning a Major.


Shroud is a famous Twitch Streamer

In 2017, Shroud stopped his career in his old organization, retiring in order to concentrate on his streaming work. It took quite a period of time for him to adapt to the new career, but due to his talent and fame, he is easily attracting followers to his channel, and now becoming one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. Each time streaming, he pulls a thousand viewers in his channel, climbing on the top of the ranking chart. He has even beaten Tyler “Ninja” Blevins in just only one punch.

Conquering Fortnite and PUBG could be huge successes to him, but he proves that he is born to play Apex Legends. As the consequence, Shroud’s fanbase is increasing rapidly.


Shroud’s followers are growing instantly

His number of views represents his popularity. His nickname is the Ninja of Apex. Shroud’s viewership has never stopped growing, whereas Ninja’s has a slight decline. He has extremely arrogant confidence and unique style as he is super talented. He is having the highest shooter track record as proof for his gifted skills and abilities.

Here are some statistics of his settings on Apex Legends. These numbers won’t help you to be an extraordinary player like Shroud. However, they could give you some clues on the journey to be a part of Apex legendary.


Shroud is showing his settings for viewers

His display mode is fullscreen with 1920x1080 in resolution and 16:9 in aspect ratio. It helps to have a wide and large vision for the game. His field of view is 104 in total. Shroud also turns off his colorblind mode, as well as disable his V-Sync, known as Adaptive Vertical Synchronization. The adaptive Resolution FPS (Frames Per Second) is 0. Besides, he uses TSAA in Anti-Aliasing mode. The texture Streaming Budget is in insane mode, which is 8GB VRAM. Anisotropic 4X is applied in Texture Filtering.


Some of Shroud’s settings for Apex Legends

He disables the Ambient Occlusion Quality, Dynamic Spot Shadows, Spot Shadow Detail, and Volumetric Lighting. Sun Shadow Coverage, Sun Shadow Detail, Effects Detail, and Impact Marks and Ragdolls are in low conditions. In contrast, the Model Detail is the only tool that is high.