The primary focus of the Minecraft 1.20 update is enhancing decoration and customization features. It introduces the option to "trim" armor sets and includes various vibrant and artistic blocks. Nonetheless, ores remain crucial as they are necessary for crafting armor sets and numerous other items within the game. The underground mines and caverns in the Overworld are abundant with different types of ore blocks, awaiting mining and extraction for smelting purposes. This process enables the creation of gear such as weapons, tools, and various other items.

Each ore in Minecraft is typically found at a specific height, which provides players with a general area to explore when searching for them. However, due to modifications in world generation and ore distribution in the Caves and Cliffs part 2 update, some players might encounter difficulties in locating certain ores.

1. Diamonds (Y=-59)

Despite Netherite being acknowledged as the most powerful and long-lasting material in Minecraft, it is exceptionally scarce. Therefore, the title of the best overall ore in Minecraft still belongs to diamond ore. Diamonds can be discovered within the Y coordinate range of -63 to -14.

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Similar to redstone, the abundance of diamonds increases as you venture deeper into the Overworld. It is advisable to be vigilant while exploring the deepest sections of cave systems. Since the lowest layers are predominantly bedrock, mining at the highest non-bedrock level (Y level -59) proves to be the most lucrative method for obtaining diamonds.

Prior to embarking on an extensive mining expedition, it is advisable for players to acquire multiple pickaxes and carry them along. Pickaxes below the diamond tier are prone to wearing out quickly during prolonged mining activities.

While a stone pickaxe suffices for the initial stages of the game, players should aim to obtain iron pickaxes as soon as possible since they meet the minimum requirements for mining diamonds.

Furthermore, players should prioritize obtaining the "Fortune" enchantment for their pickaxes at an early stage. This enchantment significantly boosts the quantity of ores collected during each mining excursion. In the absence of Fortune, consider utilizing Silk Touch to gather valuable ore blocks and store them until the Fortune enchantment becomes available.

2. Iron (Y=15)

Iron holds immense significance within the realm of Minecraft, with many considering it the most crucial ore in the game. This is primarily due to its widespread utilization, second only to coal. Iron serves as a fundamental component in crafting a vast array of essential items, including armor, weapons, tools, and buckets. It boasts accessibility and a commendable level of durability.

Iron Trapdoor Recipe

In the Overworld's cave system, iron ore generates in three distinct clusters. The initial cluster forms between Y levels 54 and -24, with the most lucrative range being Y level 15.

The second cluster evenly spawns within the range of 64 to -63. As both clusters overlap, Y level 15 proves to be the optimal choice for mining in both cases.

The third cluster emerges between Y levels 319 and 80. However, unless you are mining within a mountainous region, it is unlikely to yield a substantial abundance of iron.

Apart from these three clusters, iron ore also manifests in the form of expansive ore veins located below Y level 0. These veins encompass significant areas teeming with iron ore intertwined with tuff and raw iron blocks. Some of the most extensive iron ore veins have been known to contain up to 2000 ore blocks.

3. Lapis Lazuli (Y=-1)

Lapis Lazuli, a rare ore with a distinct blue hue, holds a crucial role in the enchanting process within Minecraft. Enchanting is essentially impossible without this ore, making it essential for players' progression in the game's survival mode.

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli ore is found within the Y coordinate range of -32 to 30, with the highest occurrence observed at Y level -1. However, mining at this level means that the ore is completely surrounded by other layers and lacks direct exposure to air. Consequently, players must extract it from between these layers.

This mining scenario also entails that the entire mining area will be covered with deepslate, which is notoriously challenging to mine as it takes twice as long to break compared to regular stone. Another batch of Lapis Lazuli generates between Y levels -64 and 64. Nevertheless, the most profitable level for mining this ore remains at Y level -1.

4. Coal (Y=136)

Coal holds significant importance as a resource in Minecraft, particularly during the early stages of the game. It enables players to smelt ores, cook food, and craft torches, making it a valuable asset. Its efficiency as a fuel source makes it viable throughout various stages of the game.

Charcoal Vs Coal Minecraft1

In the Overworld, coal generates in two distinct clusters. The first batch appears within the Y coordinate range of 0 to 190, while the second batch emerges between Y levels 136 and 256. These two clusters overlap at Y level 136, rendering it the most advantageous level for mining coal in Minecraft 1.20.

5. Redstone (Y=-58 and -59)

Redstone holds significant importance as an ore in Minecraft, although its utility is quite specific. However, for players who master its intricacies, redstone can serve as a game-changing tool, greatly facilitating their gameplay experience. Finding redstone can be challenging since it predominantly spawns at lower depths within Minecraft's underground cave system.

Mining Minecraft Redstone

Fortunately, redstone generates in two distinct clusters. The first cluster follows an even pattern of generation and can be located between Y levels 15 and -63. The second cluster extends from Y levels -32 to -63, progressively expanding as you delve deeper. Consequently, the largest concentration of redstone ore is typically found at Y level -63.

Nevertheless, the deepest layers of the Overworld are obstructed by bedrock, rendering efficient mining impossible. Therefore, the most advantageous levels for obtaining redstone in Minecraft 1.20 are Y levels -58 and -59.

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