Minecraft Live 2022 is almost here, and the Mob vote is probably the biggest event in it. As of now, all players are busy thinking about which to vote for among Sniffer, Rascal and Tuff Golem.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to analyze the functions of all three mobs and whether or not you should vote for them.

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1. Sniffer

Yesterday, Mojang reminded Minecraft players of the upcoming live stream on October 15. The short teaser asked the involved characters to solve the mysteries of the mobs prior to the stream. They hinted a bit about the function of each new mob.

Afterward, they shared the first official teaser for the Sniffer.

In the video, Tiny Jens and Tiny Agnes investigate the mystery from the previous teaser by looking into the eggs that had shown up in ocean ruins:

"These are Sniffer eggs. I thought they were extinct. Oh, they aren't birds at all. The Sniffer is an ancient mob. They loved plants and found seeds by sniffing the ground in the most adorable way."

They also mentioned the potential for new plant seeds, as currently there are only 6 types of seed for the Sniffer to find.

2. Rascal

Minecraft's Rascal reveal video shows Tiny Jens and Tiny Agnes venturing into the Overworld's cave system. They explore a mineshaft deep below the earth, then stop at a particular point. Afterward, Tiny Jens asks Tiny Agnes if this is where she previously saw a new mob - as he says this, a small creature pops up from the far side of the Mineshaft.

It is startled and runs away when Tiny Agnes points to it. Afterward, the two named the mob "Rascal". Below are its characteristics:

  • The Rascal is a neutral mob that does not attack the player. They can be found in caves anywhere below Y level 0.
  • Its appearance is a bit unique. The Rascal has pale, graying skin and holds something that works as a backpack.
  • Its behavior is pretty mischievous - the mob is obsessed with playing hide and seek. It will try to hide from the player if discovered.
  • However, if the player manages to find it three times, the Rascal will reward them with an enchanted pickaxe.

It is unclear if the Rascal would yield any other item, as in the video it only gives the two travelers with an enchanted iron pickaxe. Additionally, players might be safe from the Warden when encountering this mob.

3. Tuff Golem

In the trailer, the Tuff Golem is described as:

"Wait a minute, they must be Tuff Golems! I had only heard rumors about the statue that comes alive... That explains the hats moving! They can hold an item and move around."

Afterward, the characters mention that they would be able to open an art exhibition if the Tuff Golem wins. It appears that these golems can change from their "statue" state and move around if needed.

Tuff is an underground block that was added in the 1.17 update. Similar to a lot of stone blocks, it currently has no other uses than for building. With the addition of Tuff Golems, more builds would be opened up and players will try to farm for this block. It is highly likely that the block itself is going to be used to craft the golem, similar to snow and iron golems.

4. Which mob should you vote for?

Overall, this year's lineup is not as exciting as previous years.




Overall, the Sniffer looks like it comes with the most content on offer. On top of the new mob and its ability to find seeds, players can also get a number of new seeds. Apparently, some of the seeds can only be acquired by using the Sniffer.

Getting a new mob alongside a number of plants is a much better deal than just getting a new mob only.


After getting the seeds and planting new plants from it, players won't have anything to do with the Sniffer anymore other than just leave it around. Plants usually drop seeds for players to grow continuously.



The Rascal mob comes with a hide-and-seek minigame, which is pretty unique amongst Minecraft mechanics. However, it is unclear how it would be done, as players can just follow the rascal and don't let it hide.

The reward for winning is pretty decent - the player would get an enchanted pickaxe, which can be useful early on. They can also do this over and over to get good enchantment on their pickaxes.


There are pretty limited uses for this mob outside of the minigame.

Tuff Golem


Unlike the other mobs, the Tuff Golem is only for decoration purposes. They can hold various items and move around. This opens up options for creative base building.


For moving items around, we already got the Allay.

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