Cherry blossom trees have been a big fan favorite, with lots of people asking for them to get added to Minecraft over the years. Mojang has finally decided to make that happen with the upcoming 1.20 update. The Cherry grove biome is going to come out alongside its accompanying cherry blossom trees, wood and saplings.

Players should be able to experience this biome in the upcoming Java snapshots and Bedrock previews before the full update comes out. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything available so far about the new Cherry grove biome in Minecraft 1.20 update.

About Cherry Grove biome

This beautiful biome is filled with cherry blossom trees that bring a unique look to the horizon as their crowns are big and flat, like fluffy pink clouds. Because of that, pigs, sheep, and bees are drawn to them and will spawn in this biome.

Cherryblossom 1280x720 5
Cherry wood has a pink shade, which would look very pretty in builds.

Cherry trees provide a new type of wood, which can be formed into planks and any other blocks that other wood types can be crafted into. Players can use cherry wood to craft the new hanging sign that is also coming in Minecraft 1.20!

You can also find cherry tree saplings in the biome, so you can plant them wherever you want. It's assumed that this will also mean that players can create cherry tree farms, as other tree types can be farmed in a wide range of environments. It is unclear if cherry trees have any other requirements to grow, but if it is like other normal trees, players can probably grow them anywhere.

How to find a cherry grove biome

Firstly you need to create a Java world with experimental settings and toggle the 1.20 features setting to ON. Remember to enable cheats.

There are 2 ways to locate a cherry grove biome - players can either go search manually or use console commands.

Using console command

Enter your world and open your chat console.

Enter the command "/locate biome minecraft:cherry_grove" without quotations and then press enter. You should receive a set of coordinates pointing to your closest cherry grove biome.

Optionally, if you don't want to walk or ride to the listed coordinates, you can use the /teleport or /tp command by entering "/tp (X) (Y) (Z)" where X, Y, and Z are the coordinates provided to you by the /locate command.

Cherryblossom 1280x720 2
The cherry grove biome is going to be pretty peaceful, as the 3 mobs spawning on it are passive.

Manually search

If you want to play the game properly and did not enable cheat, just scour the mountains for cherry groves. These biomes generate at the same location as meadows, in the foothills of mountains.

They are temperate in nature so players should just stick with plains and avoid cold or arid biomes. Cherry groves are actually pretty easy to spot from afar (with high render distance) as their trees are in vivid pink.

Additionally, it may not be a bad idea to use amethyst shards and copper ingots to craft a spyglass and zoom in on the horizon. This might allow players to spot a faraway cherry grove if their standard sight isn't helping.

Other notable additions in 1.20

New Sniffer mob

The mob is completely friendly. While players can't tame sniffers, they can use them to search for seeds in the area. Players can quickly use the seeds these sniffers found to grow plants. The developers have already confirmed that ancient plants won't have any use in the game other than decoration.

The Sniffer has a lying down animation - it is just as tall as the player.


The 1.20 update is going to add a new block called 'suspicious sand'. It is going to be part of the desert biome, particularly near the desert temple spawns. Unlike the usual block, players need to gather suspicious sand with a shovel instead of a pickaxe.

Once the sand block is acquired, players need to use a new tool - the brush - to break it and extract the item hidden within. Apparently, the spawn is going to be random - one can get anything from pottery shards to random objects. Needless to say, breaking the block with any other tool would just destroy the item hidden inside.

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