Earlier last month, we've announced you about the spiritual successor of the gorgeous 2D platformer Momodora - Minoria. Minoria is promised to continue the developer's success after Momodora has been able to do back in 2016.

And now, without any major announcement, Minoria has officially come out for PC! Here's the trailer of the game from, and you can see the main protagonist styling on her enemies here:

The story of Minoria

Minoria has taken the settings of a fantasy world with some cultist elements. It's during the Witch War IV, where the world is under the chaos from the fanatical religious intensity.

Amidst that situation, there's a mighty organization that's trying to keep everything together. It is The Sacred Office, running an Inquisition to investigate heresy cases and prevent the guilty ones to threaten humankind.

Minoria Has Been Officially Launched With A Discou
The cultists are trying to perform a mysterious ceremony

They've found some signs of those sinners trying to perform a mysterious ritual that comes against the rules of the Church. They call them the "witches", and send crews to stop them.

You'll step in the shoes of the Sisters Semilla and Fran, fulfilling their duty from the Church. They'll have to track down the witches' ritual, stop them and protect the peace for ordinary people.

Minoria Has Been Officially Launched With A Discou
The sister duo will have to investigate this case and put a stop to it

About its gameplay

Minoria is trying to replica the success of Momodora by keeping what's the best from its gameplay. Players can still put their reflexes on a test with mastering parries, dodges, and counters. The character controls are even smoother and requiring you to wait for a proper time to engage.

Minoria Has Been Officially Launched With A Discou
The character movement in Minoria is very smooth

You'll attack normal minions and huge bosses through two kinds of attacks - by sword and spells. You can see some of the satisfying fighting footages in the trailer. Furthermore, it's not always you dashing and slashing your enemies down. They also hit hard and you'll need to roll-dodge and parry them as well.

Minoria Has Been Officially Launched With A Discou
You can blow your enemies using your spells as well

All of those experience in Minoria will be portrayed through HD aesthetic visuals that are combined from both hand-painting and cel-shading. Hence, you will want to stay in this world as long as possible, gaining levels and enhance your character.

Minoria Has Been Officially Launched With A Discou
Everything is in HD standard

Both DRM and DRM-free version available

Minoria has reached PC through 3 storefronts: Steam, Humble Store and GOG. The DRM version comes on Humble Store and Steam, but Humble Store copies' price will be the cheapest - $16.19.

Minoria Has Been Officially Launched With A Discou
Minoria is available on GOG, Humble, and Steam

The DRM-free version will only be available on GOG at the launch price of $17.99. The original version of Minoria on Steam is also $17.99 with the 10% discount, but players can choose to purchase a bundle with OST for $22.48.

The 10% discount will end on September 4, so you'd better be quick to get this gorgeous game. Enjoy!