Naman Mathur aka MortaL is back with a bang in the competitive esports scene. He had announced his retirement after PMSC 2019 after which his fans were upset and wanted him to play PUBG Mobile tournaments. He cited the reason that streaming and competitive playing was time-consuming and was taking away his family time. Being a competitive player requires practice and he was juggling between his streaming routine and team sessions.

Naman Mathur aka MortaL feels happy about his performance in the recently held tier 1 scrims.

After which he played PMCO Fall Split and Team SouL was qualified for global finals. However, team SouL failed to perform in the global finals but received applause for their fighting spirit throughout the tournament. After which MortaL and Team SouL assured its fans that they will work harder and will show a true comeback. In recent days, several tiers 1 scrim are being organized and Team SouL has shown consistent performance.

Fans have hailed MortaL for his performing during the scrims

During one of the livestreams, MortaL was asked by a viewer about his feelings after returning back to competitive esports. To which MortaL said that he is feeling very good after returning back to esports. He also said that earlier, he thought very narrowly about playing esports but he later convinced himself that he should explore more options. He spoke about his performance in the scrims and said that he has practiced hard to make a strong comeback and he is happy with his performance.

MortaL had announced his retirement after PMSC 2019

Well, it will be an interesting watch seeing MortaL in action. The current lineup of team SouL includes Regaltos, Viper, Sangwan, and Aman. It is unclear who will be replaced for certain competitive games. Currently, Sangwan has been announced as the in-game leader for team SouL and he is responsible for certain decisions to be taken during matches. The tier 1 scrims also include several new teams who are striving to get selected in the upcoming PMCO group stage matches.