A few hours ago, Owlcat Games just announced a Kickstarter campaign for its highly anticipated sequel to the classic RPG Pathfinder named Wrath of the Righteous. Along with the announcement, the studio has also revealed various screenshots, an extended animated cutscene, along with footages of pre-alpha gameplay. This game’s setting is based on a tabletop RPG of the same name – originally an offshoot of the famous Dungeon & Dragons.

The game is expected to arrive on June 2021 for PC – on both Steam and GOG. Further details about new features and enhancements have also been revealed.

However, the premise of the game is as generic as it gets. A tear to the demon realm “Abyss” has been opened, and all manners of hellish monsters are pouring through. The mortal heroes’ job is to “push back the tide of darkness and close shut the jaw of oblivion”, which is pretty much a normal Tuesday.

Surrounded by the demon horde

The new Mythic Paths in Wrath of the Righteous are new customizations that would be put on top of your race and class – they would be based on the choices you made during your adventures. Each path would change the characters’ ability, appearance and the story’s main narrative. You would get to choose between six paths: Angel, Demon, Lich, Trickster, Aeon, and Azata.

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The new Mythic paths would bring various new abilities

Furthermore, Wrath of the Righteous would introduce five new classes: Shaman, Arcanist, Witch, Bloodrager, and Oracle along with one new race called Dhampir, which is a half-mortal half undead. All these new customizations would combine with the original 16 classes and 9 races – the replayability of this game would be over the top.

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The overall aesthetics of the game would be pretty dark

Kingdom management, one of the most approved parts of the first game, would be overhauled. As the leader of the crusade, you would be amassing huge armies and send them against the demon horde, secure positions, and explore the map for secrets. While this part is not really as deep as the usual strategy games, its serviceable as side activities. Overall, Wrath of the Righteous is a solid game for fans of classic RPGs.

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