Building your own garden while gossiping about supernatural stuff? That's exactly what's in Mutazione - an upcoming adventure game with beautiful graphics and soothing music.

In fact, there are even more fascinating things in the game that you would not expect! But let's leave it aside and enjoy this trailer of the game:

Mutazione story overview

Let's talk about its story first. In Mutazione, you'll take control of a 15-year-old girl - Kai. She's on her trip to the exotic and secret community of Mutazione to take care of her grandfather - Nono. Her grandfather is deadly ill, and he needs his relative by his side to bring him back to life.

Mutazione Unveiled New Garden Teaser 7
Kai is on her trip to visit and nursing her sick grandfather - Nono

At that time, Kai doesn't know the secret behind the community. Dating back 100 years ago, there's a meteor called "Moon Dragon" fall out from the sky. The meteor hit a resort on a tropical region, evaporating almost all of the inhabitants there. Only some of the people survived, but later on, they started to have abnormal mutations. The rescue mission quickly ended with no significant results, and the survivors had to live their new life in this small and abandoned community.

Mutazione Unveiled New Garden Teaser 1
They might have strange mutations, but at least they're living happily

Back to the present, Kai is going to enjoy this travel like any normal holiday trip. Meet new friends, raise the musical gardens, enjoy BBQs, band nights and special voyages. Suddenly, her enjoyable vacation soon turns into a one-way supernatural journey to save everyone from the darkness lurking at the heart of the community.

Mutazione Unveiled New Garden Teaser 9
Kai will have to jump down this mystery to save the community

Nono seems to already plan something different for her daughter. This mutant area is not always friendly as it looks on the outside, as there's an eerie bird keep showing up in Kai's dreams. Consequently, Kai needs to unravel this mystery, and there will be unexpectable plot twists with secrets and deceit hitting her.

Mutazione Unveiled New Garden Teaser 2
There are a lot of plot twists in Mutazione

About its gameplay

Mutazione is the new title from the publisher Akupara Games and the developer Die Gute Fabrik. They called their child a "mutant soap opera" game, but I really don't understand what does that even mean! However, from what I saw in the trailer, I think Mutazione is the mixture of platforming and story-telling through a lot of dialogues.

Mutazione Unveiled New Garden Teaser 10
Kai's talking with a strange-looking dude

For example, in the first part of the trailer, Kai is having a long chat with a supernatural thing, which opens up a quest to build a garden. From there, you can control her side-scroll through the beautiful hand-drawn environment of the island to find seeds. Then the trailer moves to the planting parts, where you can enjoy the life of the gardener with harmonizing music on the background.

Mutazione Unveiled New Garden Teaser 11
Enjoy your musical garden while planting trees

That's all we know so far about its gameplay, and hopefully, the developer will give us more gameplay trailers. Mutazione is coming out for PlayStation 4 and PC this fall. For PC users, you can grab the game from three storefronts, including Steam, Gamejolt, and GOG.