Back in August, we were very excited to inform you about a cool roguelike dungeon crawler - Neon Abyss. It's a colorful game, in which you might never know how powerful you can be with the unlimited potentials of upgrades combination.

And now, as 2019 is slowly coming to an end, Neon Abyss is coming closer to its release date as well. To ramp the heat up a little bit, the developer Veewo Games and the publisher Team17 is releasing a free demo of the game on Steam to share its fun with you.

Before getting into the details, let's have a small peak at the trailer for this demo release below:

The story of Neon Abyss

Neon Abyss is a frantic run 'n' gun game, in which you'll take control of a soldier of a special squad from Hades. It is the "Grim Squad" - a special task force that Hades has gathered to work for him, following his order to get deep into the Abyss.

Their task down here is to get to the end of the Abyss, defeating any enemies on their way - including the New Gods that take reference from modern obsessions, such as Bitcoin or night clubs.

Neon Abyss Free Demo 7
Head down to the Abyss and slay the New Gods of modern life

Hades needs them to find the legendary artifact - the Pandora Box that lies deep down in the dungeon, and no one can stand between you and it.

Key features

Even though the story of Neon Abyss is not an important factor that this demo will focus on, but it will give you some enjoyable experience that you can get through its gameplay. Basically, Neon Abyss is a frantic side-scrolling dungeon crawler that has heavy roguelike mechanics.

Neon Abyss Free Demo 2
Neon Abyss is a frantic roguelike dungeon crawler

To be more specific, you'll bring your machine gun and your self-confidence down to the procedurally-generated dungeon, and shoot as enemies down as possible while avoiding gunfire. The enemies that you get rid of will drop random loót, which can be used to upgrade your new ability.

While that sounds very normal of a dungeon crawler, the fun thing about Neon Abyss is that the effects of the loot stack together, and create a new power for your guns. Even better, as they stack unlimitedly, which means there are also infinite possibilities that you can reach with the abilities upgrade.

Neon Abyss Free Demo 6
The effects of the loots in this game are infinitely stackable!

You can see from the trailer that the gun that you're wielding can blow out many kinds of bullets, including rockets, laser beam, and a lot more. But that's not the endpoint of this game, as you can have a lot more ability upgrade and visuals change too. You can shoot out more bullets, stronger rays, moving faster, double jump and adding luck to your loot drop quantity while wearing cool masks and hats! That's more than I can ask for!

Hoping from one room to the others, you'll shoot down everything that moves and doesn't move as well. Specifically, there are several types of environments that you can destroy to craft a brand new path, as well as searching for rare drops. It doesn't take long to transform your weak gun into the one with insanely high powers that can shoot bullets all over the screen!

Neon Abyss Free Demo 4
You'll need to get strong quickly to stand a chance against the Gods

And if your eyes are tired with the eye-popping pixelated graphics, Neon Abyss has several minigames for you to take a break. They include Dance Competition, Meditation Challenge, Piano Performances and many more. The developer said that the longer you stay alive, the more minigames you can experience - try your best!

Last but not least, you can also bring your pet down into the dungeon as well. You'll come across some eggs throughout your journey, which will eventually hatch into random pets that will assist you with their firepowers or special abilities. Furthermore, they'll level up as you stay longer and longer down the dungeon, making your journey not lonely anymore!

Neon Abyss Free Demo 8
Tons of pets will line up for you, helping you with more firepower!

Time-limited demo

The phrase "time-limited" here is not referring that you can only grab this demo in a certain period of time. Instead, it means you can only have a fixed amount of time diving into the dungeon in Neon Abyss.

To be more specific, there are three difficulty levels that you can choose from, each has its different playable duration. The Easy mode grants you 15 minutes of gameplay, while the Medium one is playable for 18 minutes, and the Hard level is 24 minutes.

Neon Abyss Free Demo 2
If you choose harder modes, you'll have more time in this demo!

The demo is completely free to play on Steam now. And since Neon Abyss is only available for PC at an unknown date in 2020, this demo will entertain you for quite a while.