What's the point of saving the world without looking spectacular in the process? Neon Tail will not put you in such ridiculous circumstances, so you won't have to worry. All you have to do is skating around the city looking good, and stop the looming threat.

Neon Tail was revealed for a while, but not only after EGX 2019 do we have the chance to touch our hands on its goods. Below is the trailer for this Early Access launch, which you can have a look before getting into our preview:

The story of Neon Tail

Neon Tail takes place in a futuristic city named BluePulse, as you'll take the control of the SFS Pro Star. The girl has received the extraordinary power of getting from cosmic entities, and she's the only one who can protect the city from the upcoming threat.

Neon Tail Lets You Save The City While Stylishly S
You'll take control of a famous SFS Pro Star to save the world

To be more specific, some hostile creatures from another dimension is bringing trouble to the city. With her power and the stylish skating prowess, our heroine will put a stop to them, and taking selfie while doing so!

Gameplay features

According to the three independent creators of the game - Fei, Leo, and Yang, Neon Tail is a special action-adventure game with interesting skating mechanics. In fact, it's the only skating game in the industry allowing you to immediately turn from skating forward to skating backward. There's no braking mechanics with your skating, and the only way to stop is to make a turn.

Neon Tail Lets You Save The City While Stylishly S
You can turn the opposite direction immediately

Your character will skate around the city on the high rails above the sky while pulling out some stunt. Overhead flip, jumps, loops are only the simplest tricks you can do to get over the obstacles on your way, as there's no limit on how awesome you can be.

Neon Tail Lets You Save The City While Stylishly S
A true hero needs to be famous and elegant!

Last but not least, the acceleration physics in Neon Tail is very close to the real-life, in which you can only gain momentum by making use of the environment. But you cannot afford to speed up all the time, but also have to learn how to slow down by twisting and change directions as well. The animation of your character is very smooth, which makes it to the list of Top 10 Games of BitSummit 7 Spirits.

Neon Tail is now available on Steam Early Access, which you can buy at only $9.99.