As we're coming closer to the release date of Ghost Parade, the developer Lentera Studios and publisher Aksys Games is dropping another trailer. If you've missed its first reveal back in July, it's a quirky-looking 2D side-scroller about saving the forest with the eerie ghost companions.

You can see the newest 'Burning Forest' trailer of Ghost Parade down here to see how it looks. After that, please come back to us to find the special gameplay features of the game:

The story of Ghost Parade

Get lost on the way back home from school is already a terrible experience for a little girl. But can you imagine saving the dark forest with the help of a team of creepy ghosts? All of them will be combined in Ghost Parade!

Ghost Parade Release Date 1
Suri has missed the last bus home

In this game, you'll step in the shoes of Suri - a young girl with special abilities. Walking back home after school finishes, the girl lost her way to the eerie dark forest, and encounter the most extraordinary adventure in her life.

The forest is under the threat of the scariest creatures - people, and only Suri can save it. However, she's just a little girl, so she needs help from the supernatural inhabitants here.

Ghost Parade Release Date 7
She needs help from the scary but funny ghosts

Can Suri and her ghostly allies able to stop the force of humans?

Gameplay features

Ghost Parade is a side-scrolling action-adventure game, in which you will help Suri and her ghost friends save the forest. The forest in the night is full of danger, but with 30 scary companions by your side, you won't have to risk going alone. Each companion gives you a special ability, which comes out very handy in the future's situation.

Ghost Parade Release Date 5
Ghost Parade is a 2D side-scrolling game with cartoon-like visuals

The 'monsters' in this game are portrayed as wicked machines - human's effort to take over the forest. Even though they're not directly specified, the game Ghost Parade does want to convey a message about protecting the environment. The green lungs of Earth are gradually disappearing, and we need to stop now.

Ghost Parade Release Date 6
The game sends a meaningful message about protecting the forests

Last but not least, the developer has stated that the concept of this game comes from Indonesian mythology and folklore. Hence, you can expect the story to be deep and meaningful, especially with the beautiful cartoon-like visuals of the game.

Release date and supported platforms

At its previous reveal, Ghost Parade didn't have a specific release date. We only know that it's coming out at some times this Fall.

And now, we finally know exactly when Ghost Parade releases. It's coming for PS4, PC, and Switch on October 31.

Ghost Parade Release Date 2
Ghost Parade is coming out for PC and consoles on October 31

Are you excited to make friends with ghosts and save the forest?