How widely-known is Apex Legends?
More than 50 million of players around the globe have tried out the new take of Respawn Entertainment on the currently famous genre - battle royale. The figures have already included Respawn’s own release of seasonal content - Wild Frontier. That resulted in fans being left eager to get more from Apex Legends.

While waiting for the next update, many fans have been trying to create their very own spin on the game. Which resulted in concept ideas for Apex Legends is now all over social media. There are various ideas from the ones that are based on from the latest characters or new abilities to the Apex Champions’ end-of-game rewards.

A factions and sponsors concept could also add new skins for the Apex Legends.

Yet, one of those ideas may be able to change how this popular game will be played altogether.

Uploaded to the subreddit of Apex Legends, it came from a user called FrozenFroh. The idea is to allow players to purchase in-game sponsors using their own Tokens. This would let fans with this title to get the chance to be the representative for a particular group or faction. The basic ideas for this concept also include offering the players a tidy amount of newly updated badges for them to unlock - besides 169 other badges which is already available as well as achievable in the game by completing many different task.

The sponsors as well as the factions could play quite a big role and get players into the famous battle royale, whether is it coming back for a new session as well as being welcome with a friendly message, or be it looking forward to that crucial respawn inside a dropship of a teammate in lieu of watching a feed live during the game.

Respawn’s new plans for this famous battle royale?

It remains unknown whether Respawn will add any of the fascinating concept ideas or not. We may have more information when Respawn finally changes the game into a similar fashion to that of the uber famous Fortnite operated by Epic Games.

Although the game’s developer may be accused of stealing content, if the fans have made serious demand for new changes then not satisfying their demand will cause the developers a huge loss.

Perhaps It is just a matter of time since Respawn has already made a commitment for a long-term game. They did lay out a entire road map for their first year along with the title’s release. Even though the things they have been lining up is still under cover, we are sure that the Titanfall developer would have their own intentions for the alike content for releasing in the near future.