Hello Games, the creator of No Man’s Sky has just announced their latest project called The Last Campfire.

In The Game Awards 2018, the indie studio stated that they were working on this new game that would forge narrative-driven experience as well as a stunning visual design.

If No Man’s Sky takes us to the universal scale, The Last Campfire’s world is way smaller, but the level of imagination there does not decrease a bit.

The Last Campfire
The Last Campfire's world is way smaller

Hello Games did not reveal a specific releasing date, but we can be sure that the game will be out in 2019. As much as we can make out from the trailer, the studio does not adopt the same approach as their latest triumph, No Man’s Sky, which is definitely worth waiting for.

The PC version has been confirmed by the developer, but they also said that they would announce other platforms later. One thing we can be sure of now is that The Last Campfire will be on Steam.

The game’s storyline is revolved around an ember on a quest to find meaning and a way back home in a world of peculiar ruins, odd creatures, and other folks that also got lost.

The Last Campfire Reveal Trailer Pcrq
The story is about a lost ember.

One more clue that Hello Games revealed was that The Last Campfire is billed as “Short.” Something can remind fans of Pixar’s mini-movies that are often public before their longer versions debut. That was exactly what Sean Murray, Hello Games' boss said. According to him, this approach is a way to nurture creativity and new voices.

No Man’s Sky is one of the most remarkable game titles in the last few years. Despite the initial push-back from the customers and negative critics, it has been improved greatly since. So there is no reason not to look forward to The Last Campfire.