Path of Exile 2’s announcement during ExileCon last week was definitely a surprise, as the first game is still going strong. However, based on playtest reviews from various testers, the game’s current direction is definitely correct.

The sequel to Path of Exile will contain major overhauls to core aspects of the game and updated graphics… without any extra cost. This sounds like a dream came true, as the contents from the original expansions would also be integrated into the new game so that fans of the first game would be at home.

POE 2 would definitely be Diablo 4's biggest rival

The game’s events would set in the future, 20 years after the original campaign, with the world trying to recover from the event of the first game. Every single god is dead and only normal human are left to clean up the mess. This is sort of a reset button so that the developers can continue to write further stories – and not every single one has to be about a world-ending threat.

The first improvement is probably difficulties. Path of Exile 2 is way more challenging than the original, with all-new bosses and enemy designs which are way more challenging that anything the original game could offer. You can still mow down wave upon wave of enemies, however, you will have to pay more attention to them now.

Path Of Exile 2 Announced Gameplay Trailer 0
The "One Game Two Campaigns" system is just amazing

The second improvement is the new graphics engine. Path of Exile was a rather old game with subpar 2013 graphics and it is probably time for them to put on a fresh coat of paint. New textures, enhanced lighting and particle effects have definitely enhanced the atmosphere and creepiness factor of areas.

Path Of Exile 2 New Skill Gem System
The new and improved skill gem system

The final update is probably the skill gem system, with the total socket numbers increases to six. That, in turn, enables many more combinations – and when combined with the improved tutorial menus, new players would definitely have an easier time getting used to.

Overall, Path of Exile 2 is an excellent sequel that fixes every single problem that people are having with the original game. The best thing, however, is that it is free to play. Interested in more updates about this game? Please check out this post for its announcement trailers.