In recent years, mobile gaming has developed a niche for itself in the gaming ecosystem and its growth has been monumental. In fact, market experts estimate the global gaming industry will be worth over $200 billion by the end of 2023, with mobile gaming accounting for over 50% of the market share.

Evidently, mobile gaming has dethroned PCs as the king of gaming, establishing a strong following and a wide array of options. However, both mobile and PC gaming are still gaining traction in the entertainment market, each offering a distinct gaming experience and unique advantages.

This article explores the expectations of mobile and PC gaming experiences in 2023 while revealing the differences between both platforms.

Pc Gaming Vs Mobile Gaming

Expectations for mobile gaming

While PC gaming is still a major competitor in the video game market, mobile gaming will continue becoming more active and powerful in 2023. In recent years, the accessibility of cutting-edge smartphones has made mobile phones an essential part of the online gaming market, with titles stretching from multiplayer strategy games to online gambling.

For instance, casino operators have made their games accessible through dedicated mobile apps and web pages. As such, online casino players can access games like the Aviator through the Betway app or mobile web pages. Such trends will continue dominating the gaming market in 2024, as smartphones and tablets are expected to become more powerful and with improved performance capabilities.

Mobile gaming is also generally cheaper than gaming PCs, considering its widespread affordability and availability. Additionally, mobile gaming offers more convenience and portability, allowing players to enjoy their games from wherever they go. 

Expectations for PC gaming

In 2023, PC gaming is still becoming more powerful, cost-effective, and immersive. As such, PC gamers will continue benefiting from better performance, improved gameplay, and smoother graphics, thanks to advances in gaming software and hardware technology.

Gaming hardware like GPUs, CPUs, and memory discs are becoming faster, smaller, and more affordable, which offers PC gamers more flexibility. That means that PC gamers can enjoy an unparalleled gaming experience with the right components. Additionally, virtual reality is set to take the PC gaming experience to a new level.

This year, video game players can also expect major innovations in system gaming. Advanced gaming engines like Unity and Unreal will keep improving artificial intelligence and game physics, giving players a realistic gaming experience. Even better, cloud gaming services like PlayStation Now and Google Stadia are becoming more popular, giving PC gamers access to a huge library of remote games.

Comparing PC and mobile gaming

Comparing the two popular forms of gaming, PC gaming features more powerful processors, high resolution, and better storage than mobile gaming. That makes it an excellent option for video game players who need great performance. Their powerful processor and ample graphics card also make PC gaming a more reliable option for graphics-heavy games.

Mobile gaming, on the other hand, is a more pocket-friendly option for online gamblers and casual gamers looking to have fun. However, it lacks the control and customization options available with PC gaming. As such, mobile gaming is preferred by players looking for shorter digital gaming experiences.