A hilarious story just happened to the Apex Legends and Respawn Entertainment: a totally new form of punishing players has been added to the game update patch 1.1, but Respawn Entertainment has said nothing about this punishment in the patch note for patch 1.1.

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In a team game like Apex Legends, quitting mid-match is a toxic actions

The update patch 1.1 has gone live, and it has added many new features to the game. One of the most notable features is that now you can invite players from your previous match to join you in your next match (yes another highlight of this patch was the accidental cleaning the in-game progress of a lot of players).

However, a large number of Apex Legends players have also discovered that they also got banned for 5 minutes if they have quitted 3 games in the middle of the match. The point is that this feature was not mentioned in the patch note for patch 1.1 by Respawn Entertainment.

However, Respawn Entertainment has quickly had some reactions toward this incident. JayFresh - community manager from Respawn - has made a post to announce about the incident in the official subreddit of Apex Legends.

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The announcement from JayFresh - community manager from Respawn

To be fair, if you are not a quitter in Apex Legends, you might probably have no idea that this feature even exists. However, if you are already killed in a match, you don’t have to wait until the match completely end to quit. No penalty will be given to you if you quit the match after you have been eliminated from a match.

This penalty feature is not in the game anymore. Respawn has not mentioned when will it be officially added to the game, but this penalty will come to Apex Legends eventually.

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Quitters cant be champions